Delaware has a new reality show in the making entitled “Badge Wives”. “Badge Wives”, what’s life really like behind the badge, lights, sirens and handcuffs?

Badge Wives is a unique, law abiding insider’s view of life being married to a police officer.
This reality show will follow five local ladies, with five different stories to tell. Badge Wives will
also bring an up-close-and personal view of what badge wives have to do to balance the daily
stress that their husbands’ jobs create while yearning for a normal family life.
Without a doubt the last few years has been bitter sweet for police officers. Almost daily we
have been confronted with stories of dishonesty, brutality and negative behavior by law
enforcement. We get so caught up in these stories that we simply forget all the positive things
that police officers do for our communities.

Many officers are truly here to serve and protect and they are willing to put their lives on the
line for us each and every day. They make us feel safe when danger is present. They look
out for our families and care that our families are protected, but have you ever asked yourself
who takes care of their families? Who keeps them motivated when they find it hard to go out
the door each day, some not knowing if they will return? Who has to give them unconditional
love when they have a love/hate relationship with the public? BADGE WIVES.

There are many sources available today that inform you on how you can become a police
officer, a fire fighter, or even to get enlisted into the military, but rarely does anyone discuss the
impact of making that choice has on your personal life or your family.

“Although the Badge Wives Reality Show will be very entertaining, it will also bring awareness
to the lives of families, not just behind the badge but behind other “uniforms” as well” “we
finally get to tell our stories” says Maria (Founder/Cast Member).

Badge Wives have recently launched their official “ 30 Day Kickstarter Campaign” in order to
seek donations and support to help fund their TV Pilot. Their Kickstarter Campaign and more
information can be found at
show . You will also get the opportunity to meet founder/cast member, Maria as she
elegantly explains why Badge Wives needs your help to make their dreams REALITY.


Can you tell us what “Badge Wives” is about?

Real Women who are married/engaged to law enforcement sharing Real Stories…Our Reality!

With everything going on in the world, what is your opinion about the blacklivesmatter and others surrounding the police shootings across the nation?

Well, I think there is a lot of emotion out there from all sides. I pray that one day we can find a solution of peace. I believe ALL lives matter.

Did you ever think that you would be a wife of a police officer when you were young?

No, actually it was just the opposite! I always thought their jobs were too dangerous. During my adult years, that was the last guy I would date, LOL. I’m a bad girl, and just didn’t think it would be the right fit.

What can you tell women who want to marry police officers?

It’s a major sacrifice. These men and women put their lives on the line every day, and that rolls over into your home life. Their stress becomes your stress. And then there’s the uniform groupies…other women throw themselves at men in a uniform. That can be a deal breaker in a relationship.

What is the misconception about police officers as a wife of an officer?

I think, often people forget how dangerous this job is. Officers have made a decision to sacrifice their lives to save others. As we have seen, there are instances where things have gone horribly wrong, but that’s not the reality of all officers. It’s heartbreaking when you see that your husband is judged by someone else’s actions.

How can our readers keep up with you and the upcoming show?

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