As a fashion magazine we work with a lot of Public Relations Agents from all over the world. We introduce to you Elvira Guzman, the PR to the Hollywood stars. She has represented and worked with big names such as Cupid, Steve Harvey, Lions Gate and Deshai Cole. Women and Shoes Magazine had the pleasure of speaking with Elvira about her past work and her upcoming projects. Whether you are just starting in Public Relations or need a PR agent you can learn a lot from Elvira Guzman.


Elvira Guzman a Southern California native owns what was known as one of the fastest growing PR & Branding companies in Burbank and Hollywood she was recognized by Sister 2 Sister Magazine and Urban Influence Magazine, after grossing over $300,000 in the first year. Prior to her independent success she worked under comedian, actor, radio host, and author Steve Harvey for 9 years. Within these years she had several titles including: Executive Producer, Segment Producer, Stage Manager, Stage Producer, Production Manager, Event Coordinator, Chief Web Developer, Assistant Producer and departed while holding the titles of PR & Branding Director for Steve Harvey, The Steve Harvey Radio Network and The Steve Harvey Suit Collection. She attained these titles while working on projects through Steve Harvey’s production company NuOpp Inc. that had contracts with major networks including: BET, MTV, UPN, and WB.


Not only was she featured in Latina Magazine’s September issue and is considered one of “The Future 15 Latino Entrepreneurs”. She also became the 1st Mexican-American to be featured in a reality show on BET for her clients show “Being Terry Kennedy”. She has resided in New York, Atlanta, and eventually went back to Hollywood, CA to open Elvie G PR. She has represented 30 celebrities, participated in 20 award shows, landed 10 major deals, and produced 10 television and radio shows.


Those who do not personally know Elvira would be shocked to find out that she did all of this while having both parents incarcerated during what most people would say is the most crucial time in development in ones life. She managed to graduate from Gladstone High School with a 4.2 GPA and at the age of 21 went on to graduate from USC with honors, receiving a degree in Political Science with a degree in Law & Society, all on her own. Her parents were sentenced to jail when she was a freshman in high school and they weren’t released until a few weeks before her USC graduation. Her story is one of willpower and determination. She not only has the ability to take bold risks she makes sure to uphold her image to be a great role model for people from all walks of life and most importantly she represents the American dream. From her life experiences she was able to compile her life lessons into an easy read book that can help improve lives.






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