For most average normal 23 year olds it’s all about partying and sleep! But not for Rueben Wood. He has established himself as the owner of Spaced Out Magazine and the SOM Media Network, based in the heart of Atlanta, Ga. Wood made his career change from being once known as a Hip Hop and R&B act by the name of Yung Bank. Still producing for corporate company infomercials,and film scores, this brainy young man has a lot to offer anyone interested in reading more on him.

Rueben Wood started as a small town Georgian with a dream, hailing from the Coastal Empire of Brunswick, Ga. He has become media partners with several of today’s top media companies and brands, with good reason since his site has received over 8.6 million hits since its launch in 2012. Being only 23 he has completed so much and continues to go above and beyond. Already well known in the industry as a media icon and celeb journalist, he adds even more to his resume with being a celeb chef and having a show “Small Kitchen Big Taste” coming later 2015.

Spaced Out Magazine’s newest issue features Atlanta based R&B group Final Draft! Wood expects this issue to be one of the best selling since it’s start, since he mentions, people are finally starting to pick up and receive the magazine now.

How did you get started with Spaced Out Magazine? What is it about?

I started Spaced Out Magazine in 2011 as a promotional tool for indie and major artist looking for more exposure. Spaced Out Magazine is a one of a kind magazine focused on business and entertainment.

With everything you have accomplished so far, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Close to retiring I hope. Lol

What advice do you have for other editors starting out in the magazine business?

Stay consistent and continue to invest in yourself, we still have to get press and exposure ourselves to stay relevant.

Congratulations on reaching over 8 million hits on your website! Who are some people you have featured?

Charli Baltimore, J Doe, SchoolboyQ, John Hart, Amadeus, T.I., T Boz, Final Draft, and too many more.

What have you studied in your background that has helped you with your current and future ventures?

I started selling candy and snack food in the third grade, so throughout school, I learned supply and demand.

How can someone submit to get featured in your magazine?

Simply visit

Tell us about “Small Kitchen Big Taste” coming out later this year.

Small Kitchen Big Taste is a cooking show, featuring myself, and I’m really showing you how to make your crowd favorites, from Southern Cooking to Mediterranean. I’m very excited also about my cooking class that will also go hand in hand with the show that gives a more in-depth look at how to make meals at a more consistent rate, even if you don’t know how to cook.

What other passions do you have?

Besides media, and cooking, I love art and designing things.

What do you look for your in a woman?

Well since I’m married, everything that my wife has is everything for me to be happy.

What are your links for our readers to check out your publication? Where can one purchase a copy?