On July 9th Women and Shoes Magazine had an online interview with our Featured Model, Meko Williams, of our 4th Issue. Although it was a fun & enjoyable interview, it was still very informative for all supporters. Below we have attached the video published by PAX Stereo on Youtube.

Please make sure you check out the PAX Stereo website as well for more interviews & other discussions held on the show with Ms. Williams:

Feel free to contact her if you like to be featured on her popular show! If you would like to interview us as well please send us an email at

  • WASadmin

    We thank you so much for the support Desirae! We really appreciate it! <3

  • Meko, you did a fabulous job interviewing the founders of Women and Shoes Magazine! Not only did you look beautiful in the studio, but you also asked the perfect questions to highlight and showcase Jai and Sarah’s vision and dedication for their magazine. Jai did an outstanding job on the cover, it really showcases her graphic designing skills. I also had a chance to look through the magazine and read some of Sarah’s notes from the editor. Everything flows and comes together seamlessly! I love seeing women empower each other…we need more examples of ladies from all walks of life uplifting each others success. Much love and continued success to you all!