I don’t know a woman that does not like heels. Even if you are like me and can only wear them for about an hour or two. Wearing heels makes you feel sexy and feminine. Heels are big business. Wedges, stilettos, kittens, or six inch. No matter how high you like yours, have you ever thought about the history of heels?


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Heels go back to about 4000 BC when the Egyptians butchers wore them to avoid getting their feet dirty with animal parts while working. The Persians were thought to have introduced the heel to the Egyptians. Not so chic. In the 1400s- 1600s heels were worn sky high to demonstrate status. Horsemen wore heels to prevent their feet from slipping in their stirrups.

Lavish King Louis XIV wore red heels as him and his royal counterparts often dressed in red and high heels to establish and flaunt their wealth.

In modern day, Christian Dior presented the three inch stiletto adorned with jewels in the 1950s setting the stage for most of the fashions that we love today.



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