(Atlanta, GA), November 10th, 2015- Last week, Hip Hop 4 Healthcare (HH4HC) announced open enrollment beginning this November 2016. This open enrollment will allow individuals without health insurance to be apart of an epic initiative that will allow tax payers in the urban community to ensure good health and healthy practices. Through a partnership with Healthcare Enrollment USA, Hip Hop 4 Healthcare has enabled thousands to receive affordable healthcare. 
Founder Kay Dukes recognized the need for proper healthcare in the hip hop community while on a business trip to Europe in 200.  With the knowledge of how beneficial the Affordable Care Act could be on a deserving community and career in insurance; the creation of Hip Hop 4 Healthcare was her remedy to an ever growing epidemic.  Currently located in South Florida, this Texas native owns and operates a national call center serves all 50 states to provide a full enrollment service for our clients including; free quotes, health plan review, application assistance and completion, as well as verification document upload assistance. Her contribution of providing affordable healthcare for an overlooked market is what keeps her motivated daily to push HH4HC to new heights on a national level.
HH4HC has been aggressive with connecting with the masses, during BET Hip Hop Weekend they met with several artists, business owners and entertainment professionals at a private gifting suite at the world famous Hot Beats Studio. Since launching HH4HC has named music industry veteran Manny “Madd Dogg” as the National Brand Ambassador and BE100 Radio Dj Waffles as the Atlanta Regional Ambassador
About HH4HC:
Hip Hop 4 Healthcare is a company geared o creating awareness about The Affordable Care Act through the hip-hop culture. Through a partnership with Healthcare Enrollment USA, HH4HC has helped several members in the hip hop community get health coverage and assisted with understanding their options. HH4HC initiatives include providing free quoting and enrollment services across the U.S. in all 50 states.
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