When we came across Ali’s work online we were amazed at the kind of the work that he did. Not only is he working in different conditions than the average designer he still put all of his heart into each pair of shoes. If you look through his photo gallery below the interview you will be able to see what we mean. His story tells us that no matter where you are located you can make the impossible possible. Whether it be to prove it to yourself or to provide for your family. Please check out his interview and leave us comment letting us know what you all think.


Tell us a little about you & your company.

My name is Ali Hamzaban, born March 20, 1981, Tabriz, Iran. I am working in my small workshop in the city of Tabriz. Although purely coincidental and unintended when I started my company, I love it! And with all the problems that many of my friends and colleagues have faced I am happy to continue this work.

What made you want to make shoes by hand?

When I got into this work it was with nearly all manufacturers in our country with traditional handmade shoes. Despite progress, the industry is still manufacturering shoes the traditional way. Not to exclude how sluggish the sales of the market are.

How long have you been in business?

I have worked in this industry for 13 years. 8 of them I worked in my workshop.

What kind of style do you say are your products?

I am able to produce all kinds of women’s shoes, the shoe fits every season of the year. For example, Boots for winter. High heels and clutches for the new year holiday. Sports shoes and comfortable heels for the schools and colleges, etc.

Do you design for individuals to purchase or do you have a store?

I do not have a shop. I sell my product to a dealer and distributor. He sells shoes to the shoe stores. Unfortunately, in order to double the price of the shoes sold .Direct selling products to people I’ve created a page on Facebook Unfortunately, too few people are buying on the internet and makes it hard to make a good profit.

Where are you located? How big is the fashion industry where you are?

Iran has a lot of experience in the footwear industry, especially in my city Tabriz!

If someone wanted to create shoes by hand like yourself, what advice would you give them as they get started?

If anyone is interested in this type of work the will need to make the effort and have a lot patience. This kind of work also requires the love of art.  Being a creative person will help you be more successful in the design and manufacture of handmade shoes.

Do you only make women’s shoes? Have you ever thought of creating a pair of men’s as well?

Yes, but not for sale. I create men’s shoes for myself at the moment. But I flaw the design a bit, the case is very different from women’s shoes.

How can our readers keep in contact with you & your products?

My page on Facebook ( ) – A.Hamzaban handmade women’s shoes




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