I admire you and am so proud of you for being real! There is always tommorrow, if you can’t enjoy today, accept that and look forward to tommorrow. Stay strong! Life is long! Survive! Good times and happiness will come your way when it is time!


Love and appreciate her truth. This is such a common struggle that many new moms deal with and it’s important that we share our stories instead of dealing with these feelings alone. She makes me want to be brave like her.


“I’ve just been trying to be much more open and honest about who I am,” says . “I’m 26 years old, I’m an adult, and [I don’t] have to falsify who I am.”


“It’s like being in a tunnel,” she said. “You can’t even remember when you felt good. You try and think back to when you felt good, when you felt positive, when you felt happy, and you can’t. All you see is this enveloping darkness.”


Panettiere — who gave birth to daughter Kaya Evdokia in December 2014 — knows that many moms can judge themselves too harshly for their perceived shortcomings.


“The biggest message that I’ve been trying to promote for is that it’s okay to ask for help,” the Nashville star, 26, told PEOPLE on the set of her new Carl’s Jr. commercial. “You feel mommy guilt — it’s for real.”


Since recovering from her own struggle with   after seeking professional treatment, wants to let other mothers know that taking the first step towards health is nothing to be ashamed of.