If you have heard of the word Haute, you would know it means to be fashionably elegant or high-class, in other words FANCY. When we interviewed Haute Heels that is exactly what we got! Haute, Haute, Haute!! Read the full interview below & let us know what you think.


Can you tell us a little bit about you & your company?

​I am Kaye Hayes, the C.E.O of Haute Heels. I was born in New Orleans, LA and my family moved to Dallas at the age of 12. I love everything fashion, and empowering women.
​Haute Heels is a new up in coming online women’s shoe boutique. We believe your shoes should always tell a story. We offer different styles of shoes for your everyday women. Shoes are a lifestyle!

What kind of shoes do you sell?

​Haute Heels house a variety of shoes. We like our Hautiees to be able to transition from work to happy hour wearing the same shoe. The variety includes flats, pumps, high fashion, booties, and boots.

Is there a specific style of heels that you personally love to wear?

​I love every shoe that we sell. It’s hard to select a favorite shoe. I love our Hautiees, however, any one of our booties could also easily be my favorite. It would have to depend on my OFTD. With booties being so hot right now all of our booties currently are my go to shoes.

What is the most popular heel in your boutique?

​My most popular heel is The Doll. She is sexy, classy, and high fashion all in one.

Where are you located?

​We are located in Dallas, Texas

Do men come into your boutique to buy heels for the woman in their life?

​Yes, I have a couple of regular clients who love to purchase shoes for their mates. I think it’s pretty DOPE. If they are unsure of the type of shoe that their girl may like, I assist in helping make a selection. I enjoy getting to know not only my clients but their family as well.

Who are some notable people who have worn your shoes?

​Judi Jai from the Bad Girls Club. We absolutely love her!

What is the message you want to state with your brand?

​Haute Heels isn’t just a brand it’s a lifestyle!

Do you believe it is possible to be sexy & successful?

​Absolutely! To be sexy doesn’t mean you have to dress a certain way, sexiness is not how you look, it’s how you feel. Success isn’t measured by the amount of money you make, or the car you drive. Success to me is measured by the way you treat people, the relationships you build, and how you grow. So YES, you can be sexy and successful AT THE SAME TIME!

Where can our readers keep in touch with you?

IG: @1hauteheel
Facebook: Haute Heels Shoe Boutique
Twitter: @MsKaye1218
Pinterest: @1HauteHeel


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