Lyssawhipshair Moore recently finished business school and is ready to rebuild her client list and get the ball rolling on owning her own shop. She needed to spice up her marketing plan in order to compete with a new generation of stylists who are in-tune with new and modern ways of connecting and engaging with their networks via social media. She really admired the YouTube tutorials she ran across while researching new styles for her clients, and decided to try it herself. Over the the last nine months, with regular meeting with ToyBox Consulting, she’s added more skills to her arsenal as an established entrepreneur, and also collaborated with other creative professionals to complete her project. Get the full scoop here:

“A hair tutorial demonstrating a full head sew-in blonde weave. Sharing the loop and pull, along with flipping the track sewing techniques. Followed up with a Bob haircut that is feather cut with a razor. I touch on dimensional coloring when picking out hair for your look.”


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