The group blasted the CPD, threatening to release the personal data of police officers in the department if the policemen involved in the shooting weren’t brought to .


The group members cited an incident one day before this shooting, where a white man Christopher Laugle also waved a fake gun at police in Cincinnati, and lived to face his day in court.


The three officers who were involved in the shooting, Zachary Sterbling, Eric Kohler and Scott McManis, are on administrative leave, per protocol, while the incident is being investigated by the authorities.


911 records show a woman (who was later identified as Gaston’s girlfriend) called the police on a man with a gun in their neighborhood. Police responded to the call, and upon arrival asked the suspect to lay down and obey their orders. The 37-year-old victim then allegedly pointed an air soft gun at officers when he was gunned down, Fox19 reports.


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