“You’re a sapphire, you’re a rolling stone, you’re a sparkle in a deep, black hole … And I can’t believe it, that you even exist … You’re rare, and I’m loving every second of it, don’t you know / You’re rare, and only a stupid girl would let it go / You’re so good, and you don’t even know it.”


“No, I don’t need you, not a little bit … And now I’m me without you / And things about to get real good … You faded so fast, I can hardly see you when I look back.”


“You’re givin’ me , and it’s such an unfamiliar subject, so could you answer me please / Are you sure you wanna love me? … I know that it’s a lot to handle me, but it is what it is / It’s all part of my broken history.”


“They’re all gonna say I’m rebounding, so rebound all over me / ‘Cause I don’t want nobody else / I know we said we’re gonna live in the moment, and that’s all good, that’s what we agreed, I know it / And every day I believe in you and me more and more … Thank you for saving me.”


This captivating pop won’t let you down, whether you’re looking for an uplift after a breakup, a hooky addition to your playlist – or, perhaps, a peep into ‘s new relationship.


“) and becoming receptive again to happiness (the of “Truth”– “Maybe I deserve this boy after all that I’ve been through” – suggest that she’s indeed jake with Blake).