It all started when Steffans tweeted: “At 26, I was already a New York Times bestselling author, a millionaire, and sitting next to Oprah. Be inspired. You can do I.” Then she got the following response:


In “please keep our elders’ names out your mouth” news, video vixen Karrine Steffans took to Twitter to make a point about slut shaming, respectability politics and Black female achievement. What could have been an eye-opening conversation that we are always here for (i.e. Amber Rose), was met with much criticism.


Women who are raped/molested are oftentimes promiscuous as teens/young adults. Slut shaming women & victims is gross — Karrine & Co.® (@karrineandco) March 7, 2016


These women are the best proof that where we start isn’t always how we end up and that sexual pasts have nothing to do with worth & purpose. — Karrine & Co.® (@karrineandco) March 7, 2016


You revere great women but give no credit to their sexual traumas and repercussions for making them stronger, better, wiser women. — Karrine & Co.® (@karrineandco) March 7, 2016


Take a long, hard look at our strong, honorable black women and see how their sex plays a part in their stories. — Karrine & Co.® (@karrineandco) March 7, 2016


Oprah was promiscuous. Maya Angelou was a prostitute. A woman’s sexual organs, their functions or reputation will never define or stop her. — Karrine & Co.® (@karrineandco) March 7, 2016


.@Oprah was a hoe. She was promiscuous after her rape, admittedly. Same story. More money doesn’t erase truth. — Karrine & Co.® (@karrineandco) March 6, 2016