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Curtis Hutson is the Founder and CEO of Gordesi by CLH – the first and only socially responsible urban lifestyle brand. His story is the Gordesi Story. In 1995, Curtis found himself alone and desperate on the top bunk of a jail house bed. At 30 years old he was sentenced to serve two months in jail. At the end of himself after years of addiction to alcohol and dealing drugs, prayer was the only thing he had left. On his knees, praying to a god he was not sure would answer Curtis recalled bits and pieces of his life – the ups and downs, the loneliness, the abandonment, the broken relationship with his mother, his Catholic school education, traces of pleasant moments with his grandmother prior to her sudden death. Curtis prayed for direction, guidance, and a new focus in his life. He knew he needed help. Looking at the wall that was his only companion, Curtis saw the letters “G.O.D.” written there in toothpaste. He felt sure that these three letters – signifying God’s Original Designs – were the key to his new life. Through the prayer, in that moment of surrender, from that answer Gordesi was born. Five years later having hit bottom, his life unmanageable, no longer wanting to live after returning to the life he knew; he prayed again, this time asking God to allow his life to end. Instead, God gave him a new beginning. After being clean for 12 years, Curtis finally took God’s hint and started Gordesi.

In Curtis’s own words:
“The message was sitting there the whole time; the answers that people are looking for are there the whole time. Whatever we need is there the whole time, but we’re not able to see it until we ask the question. I wasn’t going to see it until I said, ‘I want help – show me how I can make my life different.’” Gordesi: God’s Original Designs is a manifestation and expansion of the seed of hope that was all the help Curtis needed to overcome years of addiction and emotional distress. It is also a manifesto for the power of our own purpose, the necessity of finding our uniqueness and seeking support from within ourselves, stemming from the gift we’re all given – individuality. “We can’t see it is when we live someone else’s expectations or the world’s expectations. You’ll never make it that way. God’s Original Design for each of us is not the world’s expectations. It’s an individual, personal expectation that lies within you. If you seek to serve the world’s expectations, it makes for a long and hard road. And that’s what I did. I sought identity from my world by doing what my family did. At 14 years old, they gave me my first drink and my first drug – I did it because I wanted to be socially accepted by my own family.” With the development of Gordesi Curtis encourages every person to live their originality, authenticity, boldness, and individuality. And in doing so, Gordesi offers them the opportunity to give back. Seven percent of each purchase is donated to a foundation or charity that helps others live their “original design” more powerfully. When you wear Gordesi, you choose to help someone else in the local, national or global community, while you manifest your own style. After being inspired by the pages of GQ and Esquire magazines and the timeless style of Marilyn Monroe, Curtis sees Gordesi as style meeting class infused with positive messaging. Curtis believes that these three elements create the phenomenon that is Gordesi. To date, Gordesi has been worn by the Gospel group The Few and TC Clay. Curtis currently lives in Wilmington, Delaware where he is a single father of five. He enjoys a quiet life spending quality time with his children and family.



Q: Can you tell our readers who you are and where you are from?

A: My name is Curtis Hutson, CEO and Founder of Gordesi by CLH from Wilmington, DE..born and raised.

Q: Have you always wanted to be a clothing designer?

A: Well in earlier years I wasn’t quite sure who or what I wanted to be, to tell you the truth. I spent most of my life searching for that answer, trying to fit into what others wanted or thought I should be. It took alot of life lessons for me to get to this point, from alcoholism, addiction, losing everything I owned and loved including a relationship with my children and my mother; not wanting to live anymore. It wasn’t until I was put in the walls of a jail cell that turn things around for me.

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: I have been in business now for 4 years and counting, but this is the first year that we are premiering our spring/summer line in such a big way. On Oct 12th we are presenting the “Gordesi Launch Experience” at the World Live Cafe, Wilmington, DE. We are so excited to do this because we are not only showcasing our new line, we have included other entertainment for the night. We have a dynamic poetess by the name of Suite Franchon, a local favorite raggae band, Grateful Dread, jazz favorite, Aniya Jazz, talented vocalist Sarah Kane from the UK, now residing in Philly and the one and only R&B singer, Algebra Blessett closing out the night. Ambiance Magazine from LA/Atlanta will be hosting the red carpet.. It is going to be amazing!

Q: What does Gordesi stand for?

A: Gordesi stands for “God’s Original Designs”.

Q: What made you want to start your very own line?

A: Well, that is a story all by itself. When I was in jail I noticed on the wall were the letters G.O.D. I didn’t quite know what that meant for me at the time and how those letters would change my life. As I prayed to God to help me and give me the answers that I needed to change my life, he did just that! He saved me. To make a long story short, my family and a good friend suggested that I start a clothing line. I was very nervous about it because I had no idea how to do this, but somehow it got figured it out. I had the ideas and the vision, hired a designer and seamstress..using the G.O.D that I had seen in that jail cell, thereby giving birth to “Gordesi” God’s Original Designs. The name in itself means so much.. It doesn’t matter what your religion is, your sexual preference is, your race, whatever… you are God’s Original Designs”.

Q: Who are some notable people that you have worked with on your line?

A: Currently we are working with several modeling agencies,music artist and local personalities to help promote the growth of Gordesi. We are also in the works to get Gordesi in stores and boutiques.

Q:What is some advice that you could give to up and coming designers:

A: If I had to give any advice it would be to make sure that you have the right people around you. You cannot do it all by yourself. Also,you can’t do it with negative energy around you and it is important to stay in your lane! Once you have the right people around you, that support you, that believe in you, that are not just there to ride on your coat tail…you can’t go wrong. Lastly, don’t forget to give back. Every purchase that is made from the Gordesi line, 7% of that purchase goes to a charity of your choice that is listed on our website. So now you have helped somebody!

Q: How can our readers purchase your clothes and/or contact you?

A: You can purchase our clothes at and Also if you would like to join us at the Gordesi Launch Experience, please log on to our website you will find ticket info there.
Thank you so much for taking out to allow me to share my story with your readers, I am humbled. If I could just leave you with this, Denzel Washington once said that when he goes to bed he puts his shoes way up under his bed, so when he gets up in the morning he has to “get on his knees” to get them. Thank you again.


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