“This has grown more urgent and more important, we believe, as the prospect of a brokered convention is floated,” the memo reads. “It is this group’s belief that a brokered convention is a recipe for Hillary Clinton’s election and the death of the Republican Party.”


According to memo, if the 61-year-old were to enter into the race, she would need to gather approximately 80,000 valid petition signatures in Texas by May 9 and over 90,000 signatures in North Carolina by June 9.


Data Targeting’s research has concluded that as an independent candidate, Rice could secure at least 10-25 percent support from black and Hispanic voters.


During her political career, Rice was the first African American woman to be appointed national security adviser by President George W. Bush, as well as the first black woman to serve as U.S. Secretary of State.


“The reality of the the matter is that we will have President Trump or President [Hillary] Clinton—if we don’t have President Rice,” said Joel Searby, a consultant with Data Targeting in a memo.


As the possibility of Donald Trump winning the Republican party’s nomination becomes more probable by the day, a group of Republican donors have hired a firm to find another viable candidate to stop Trump in his tracks.