Chunquita Hicks is known for the many endeavors that she partakes in everyday in her life. From being a published author to starting her own company, Hicks is laying the groundwork for a very successful entrepreneurial business future. With her company ‘Answer 247 Solutions’, she has been instrumental in helping many people become their own bosses. Becoming her own boss by starting her very own business came out of necessity for Chunquita Hicks. After being laid off from a job of over five years while six months pregnant, Hicks was forced to take a different path. ‘Answer 247 Solutions’ is made for people who want to make money without ever leaving the comfort of their own homes. To get started on the road to becoming your own boss, Hicks offers a easy to follow course for people to take in order to become a certified home customer service agent. Once you are certified, you can start working at home in just 14 days. From there you can become an at home customer service agent, providing customer support for companies such as Sprint, T-Mobile, and Triple A just to name a few. Be your own boss, spend more time with family and make your own work hours are just some of the benefits that come with working from home. Not to mention the fact that you could make anywhere from $10/hr-$20/hr from the comfort of your own home. So if you are tired of working for other people who reap the benefits of your hard work, then this is definitely the course and career choice for you. In addition to being voted 1 Home Based Business Consultant of 2015, Hicks has trained more than 50 people to become their own bosses. Her book ‘Business on Fleek’ is slated for release in Spring of 2016. This particular book will be a guide and list dozens of grants for businesses as well as other options for financial assistance that can be used for starting a new business. It will also provide information to help female entrepreneurs by listing the latest opportunities available for working at home. As well as tricks of the trade for creating and building a successful and profitable at-home business. So if you are ready to begin a new journey with a home based business, learn from the best. And get ready to pick up your copy of Chunquita Hicks’ book ‘Business on Fleek’ in March and take her easy to follow home based money making course today.

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