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Everyone knows global superstar Pitbull and how he mentions Mr. 305 in all of his songs but you did not know that Mr. 305 is his music label. Mr. 305/Famous Artist Music is a record label dedicated to developing artists into worldwide superstars. Not only do they produce Pitbull’s music but they also represent artists from all corners of the globe. Two of their most successful international artists are Farah Achour and SHEON. Farah (been with Famous Artist Music for 2 years) is from Norweigh of Morrocan origin and SHEON, who was just signed, is Serbian and Bosnian. While Farah took SHEON under her wing together she also embraced her European background as it was a required to understand Euro Dance Music. “I am very excited to be working with Farah because we are collaborating on projects that have a lot of sentimental value to both of our backgrounds therefore it makes it more personal and enjoyable.”-stated SHEON. With the global and diverse talents under Mr. 305, Famous Artist Music is a true international company.


What made Farah Achour and SHEON choose Famous Artist Music to be their management?

They both caught my attention, they where both doing great things internationally at different times and are both incredibly talented artist. Having them on our roster is a plus, especially them collaborating with each other and joining their talents.

What are the names of few songs that SHEON has written?

I can’t give you all the names yet since we are still in the process of developing them, but we have many pending projects at the moment, quite a few dance anthems are in the making. The first one to come out will be called ‘’Overdrive’’. We started the production of it in Detroit with a producer Don Mecca who is also very excited to be working with SHEON and Farah.

Is it difficult for two artists of different musical backgrounds/influences to collaborate together?

What Farah and SHEON have in common is the fact that they are both from Europe, and that international and multicultural influence is what we love having at ‘’Famous Artist Music’’ and what we pride ourselves in. SHEON’s Eastern European and Farah’s Norwegian musical upbringing is what delivers that global sound. Their collaboration is going to be crucial to completing projects and ideas we have set to accomplish, and some of them might become the next world hits.

Why did Farah decide to take SHEON ‘’under her wing’’?

In 2014 SHEON was named MTV EMA’S Next Big Thing which caught Farah’s attention. Being from Europe, MTV EMA is a big deal. She brought her to my attention and expressed a very high interest in working with her, and at the time I had already heard of her from another songwriter. The projects that Farah started at the time needed help from someone with a very specific niche for songwriting that SHEON had, and that’s why she decided to have her be a part of her projects.

When can fans look forward to the collaborative music of Farah and SHEON?

We are hoping and preparing for a first release for this summer, followed with many more in early 2017.

How can fan’s follow the musical journey of Farah and SHEON?

They may end up releasing the songs themselves or we might hear other great artist performing them, so I definitely recommend following their journey on their social media sites as well as itunes, spotify and soundcloud.

Interview responded by Junior Goris

Junior Goris –Music Manager, TEAM PITBUL

Junior is a management team member of international recording sensation PITBULL. Originally from New York City, Junior moved to Miami in 2004 when he was employed by a small Latin label distributed by Universal Music Latino. Joining TEAM PITBULL in 2006, Junior has worked in every capacity of the music business with the team from tour support to international licensing. Alongside FAMOUS ARTIST/TEAM PITBULL CEO Robert Fernandez, Junior has traveled the world to attend the industry’s top conferences and summits, many times as panelists sharing with attendees the success of PITBULL and the landscape of the new music business. In addition to PITBULL, Junior has also assisted in managing super producer duo, the DIAZ Bros.