Carl Edouard is a French DJ and music producer. He has worked with many international artists and recorded many songs. He has also performed in several big clubs in Europe (France, Denmark, Belgium, etc.) and has collaborated with many brands. Most recently Carl has worked with “Mercedes-Benz”. He also receives support from some big names in today’s music scene and was a finalist in the 2012 BPM Contest.

Read the interview we had with this talented producer below and show your support!

What is your name and what do you do?

My real name is Charles Balembois aka “Carl Edouard”. I’m a French DJ and music producer. I won a French DJ contest in 2012 and after I signed my first track on a different label, Roch Music. Now I’m signed on Noje Music and I prepared my next single “Love Is Taking Over” with Britain singer “Kate Wild”. I’m also a DJ for Mercedes Benz in France.

Can you tell us about your new single ‘Jar’?

Jar is a “Tropical house” song. I have produce this beat with a summer inspiration. It’s a deep beat with lot of percussion and a Indian flute riff. I have also produced a beat who was a mix of electronic and acoustic instruments. It’s not an involved track, it’s just an inspiration and good vibes beat.

Can you describe your style of music?

I have no particular style. I love all kinds of music, so I produce what sound good for me and for people.. I started to produce Electronic music but I don’t want to focus on it cause I would like to experiment and combine with other styles. I’m feel free like this.

As a french producer is it more difficult to perform in your native language or in another such as English?

I prefer English cause it’s a universal language so it’s better to speak with the world.

What other projects are you currently working on?

I am currently working with english singer Kate Wild on a new song and a video clip for it. “Love is taking over”, my next single with Kate Wild will be out at the end of august.. It’s a deep house song.

Do you play any musical instruments? If so, what are they?

I learned piano when I was 6 years old. I have played guitar and drums too. I would like to know play many instruments but the piano is still my favorite.

How was it like working with a big brand like Mercedes-Benz?

It’s a huge honor to work with Mercedes Benz, cause of course, I love their brand and it’s an opportunity for me to combine my music with their universe. It’s also more recognition for my work.

Who are some other notable artists you have worked with?

I have worked with Merty Shango (NYC artist), a very talented artist and French singer “LAAM”. Now I work with Kate Wild an amazing songwriter and singer.. And I have also worked with other people in music for example, a french uprising singer called “Lyna”.

How can people purchase your music?

They can buy my music on iTunes :
And of course on Deezer, Spotify.

How can we keep up with your updates and new music?

You can follow me on my facebook page:
FB :
On my official Vevo :
I have also Twitter, Insta and you can follow updates on my label site :


“Jar” (Audio)