My name is Ashley Thornton & I am the founder of Dash Doll Shoetique. I am a single parent of a child that has many chronic health issues, I work a full time job as well, I have & still do sacrifice so much to build my business I didn’t get grants nor loans. I thought long & hard about the sacrifices I would have to give up to build my business, it was almost my “Dirty 30” (30th birthday) & I had planned with many family & friends to fly out to Las Vegas to celebrate. I saw a documentary Puff Daddy had done one morning & what I took from that was, what is more important to me – Las Vegas or all the money I would spend on that whole trip that I could invest in to myself my business my brand & once I get to where I want to be, I can take all the trips I want to Las Vegas whenever I want…so needless to say, I invested into myself & I know I’m not where I want to be, but each & every hour of the day I see the work that is paying off to get to my goal. I am saying this to say that yes people have done this for many of years, it is very challenging at times just never give up on your dreams, focus, fight for what you want at all times. My daughter has now started a children’s line, Young Dash Shoetique so be on the look out.

How did you get started with Dash Doll Shoetique?

I have a crazy love for shoes & shoe designs, that (shoes) is what makes me feel complete when I get dressed for any occasion. So when my father was diagnosed with liver cancer I decided to give up that “big dream” of opening up a shoe store. Until 1 day he asked about how things were coming along for me & I told him I gave up, “Dasher” (as he calls me) he told me not to, so ever since then I have been going full force into Dash Doll Shoetique.

What is the craziest custom order you have received from a customer?

10 different shoes (mind you this is 1 customer) that were versatile for 23 different outfits in less than 1 week.

Do you have a shop? Where are you based?

I am online based only at this time in Columbia, MO., my goal is to have a store front in the future.

Where can customers purchase your shoes?

Customers can purchase there items online ( after they have contacted me via Facebook, Instagram, or email with picture(s) of item(s), size & quantity.

Are all of your shoes custom made?

My shoes are not custom made, that is 1 of my biggest goals to design my own shoes.

What are some special events that you have been apart of?

So far several community events (Rock the Community) which travels to several different cities & states. I am currently booked for many fashion shows & photo shoots this summer.

Who are some celebrites you would be honored to have wear your shoes?

Celebrities that I would be honored would be Mary J Blige, Taraji P Henson, Julia Roberts, Miss Bling, & Nicki Minaj.

What are you social media links so our readers can keep up with your updates?

Facebook: DashDollShoetique Instagram: Dashdollshoetiquellc

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