Everyone knows that shoes are always an important and necessary accessory to go with any outfit. With ‘Fluo Shoes’, the accessory becomes the main attraction. ‘Fluo Shoes’ are the hot new LED lit sneakers to hit the market. However, they are not your average pair of light-up shoes. They come complete with multicolored lighted bottoms. Not just a couple of colors, but seven colors. Red, green, blue, yellow, turquoise and white to be exact. ‘Fluo Shoes’ are like a light show that you can wear! Unlike any other shoe, ‘Fluo Shoes’ lights change continuously. These trendy and fashionable sneakers come in both black and white and mid tops and low tops, so to go with any outfit. With ‘Fluo Shoes’ you don’t have to worry about the lights dying in the middle of that big party you’ve been waiting for! With a built-in USB rechargeable port, just plug them into any standard USB port and two hours later, be ready to dance and light the night away! One solid color or continuous color changes with ‘random mode’, the choice is up to you. At any time during the night you want to give your lights a little break, a secretly hidden on/off button is there for you. Wearing your very own pair of ‘Fluo Shoes’ are sure to turn heads at any party, a night out on the town or any other event that you attend. Not to mention, you get free worldwide shipping on every pair that you order. So if you are ready to be the envy of every guy and girl at the party, make sure to get your pair of LED lit sneakers with ‘Fluo Shoes’ today!

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