Fashionably Yours, is proud to present our first annual Meet & Greet Fashion Show, with this event we will gain access to various fashion designers across the country. The purpose behind this event is to build a platform in which local fashion designers, photographers, models, and other fashion labeled individuals can come together, meet, network and broaden their fashion horizons.


How did Fashionably Yours come to be?

Fashionably Yours, started a little over two years ago. I was in a state where I wanted to put my skills to the test. From working retail for quite some time, assisting for a few designers along with interning for a few major fashion companies, I decided to invest in myself little by little. First I started out with creating ads, and doing free styling gigs to add more to my portfolio, ordering business cards and handing them out, and the list goes on.

Fashionably Yours, is all about branding yourself as an individual. That’s what we do for all of our clients. Ensuring confidence with a clean, creative and fun appearance.

How difficult is it to be an up and coming fashion designer in New York with all of the high-end designers already established there?

It can be difficult at times, being an up and coming stylist. Of course everything gets competitive in New York City. We believe the key is really consistency, building strong relationships with all our our clients as well as comparing the quality and quantity of service that is supplied from other consultants versus our services; the best part about it is that our clients get to save a few coins as well!

Can you tell us about your upcoming Fashion Show/Networking event in October?

Our Fashion Show/Networking Event that’s going on next month, Saturday, October 24th can not compare to your average fashion show/networking event. Our team is truly talented! We have amazing designers from around the world! We have designers from Texas, Cali, Brooklyn and the list goes on. From couture, to knits, and even prep urban. Each and everyone of our hairstylist and makeup artist are creative in their own way. Making each look come to life! All of our production team, staff, videographers and photographers go above and beyond to capture that perfect image! We are beyond grateful.

What can attendees expect to see?

Our guests can expect to see art, new talent of course- whether it’s through our vendors, designers or models. Our guests should also be looking forward to networking with experienced individuals that are willing to help others advance their careers.

How can other designers get involved with your event?

As of right now our designer slot is full! However any emerging designer can feel free to attend the event as a guest and meet us in person! Any designer that was unable to showcase during this event, can contact us and we would definitely keep them in mind for the next event.

Are you working on any other upcoming projects that we should look out for?

As of right now, I wanna say just be on the look out. We wanna keep our next project a surprise to you all!

What do you love about heels and fashion?

I love heels because it’s sexy, sophisticated, sassy, classic and chic! Comes in all these different colors, shades, textures and sizes. Just like us woman. It’s beautiful.

What are your social media links and website to keep up with your updates?

Our social media sites
Instagram: (it’s a zero)
Website: (it’s a zero)