Sherrie D. Storey is a force to be reckoned with. She is a trendsetter in fashion, literature, and most importantly the community. Sherrie, better known as “Uniquely Sherrie” has been part of the fashion industry since 1989. She graduated from the Art Institute in Atlanta with an Associates degree in Fashion Merchandising/Advertising. Her personal style can best be described as eclectic and is the envy of many of her numerous fans. Many of Sherrie’s followers, on her Fb page, buy her outfits from the pictures she posts of her daily styles. Sherrie has the unique ability to create “fashion on purpose”. It is tailored to each individual and reflects their distinct style. Sherrie’s fashion sense has strong roots in the 70’s style, and incorporates it into today’s trends to create modern, classical, vintage, casual, and professional looks. Sherrie has headlined numerous fashion shows, been a personal stylist to countless clients, and owns an online boutique called Uniquely Sherrie’s Style Boutique since 2010. You can find merchandise sold in her boutique online via but also available to walk in. The sizes of clothing available varies from size 2 to 5X. Sherrie also sells various accessories (purses, earrings, bracelets) and shoes. Sherrie is a top 10% 5 star rated seller on and continues to have satisfied customers everywhere.

Sherrie is also a successful self published author and is not selfish with the knowledge she attains in the business. She shares her experience in the hopes that someone else may also find success following her footsteps, or be inspired by her story enough to be able to write their own. Sherrie published her first novel in 2011. She has since published 6 literary works of fiction that are available on

Sherrie’s hard work is best reflected in the efforts she makes in giving back. She uses her social media for motivational/inspirational speaking. She posts videos stressing the importance of positive self image, exercise, and healthy eating. Sherrie is also an active member in the local community. She recently contributed her talents to assisting in styling one of the models in the speaking out against domestic violence campaign. Her exceptional professionalism and outstanding service has left an indelible mark and positive impact upon the communities of Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas.

There are no real words that can explain the power and grace of Sherrie D. Storey. Upon meeting Sherrie I was impressed with how humble she was with her accomplishments. She is more than qualified in multiple professions and continues to set the bar higher for those following behind her. Sherrie is never satisfied with status quo, “You can always do it better.” Sherrie’s passion is obvious in the high quality of work she produces. You don’t have to understand Sherrie, just realize that she is a force to be reckoned with. She has the mark of greatness that comes with creativity and ingenuity tempered with education and business savvy. The best of Sherrie D. Storey is yet to come.

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