Q: When did you first start designing eye wear?

A: I’ve been actively working as a designer since August 2009 but always knew I wanted to work in fashion. I love the freedom fashion allows me to have to express myself and love being able to share my designs with the world.

Q: Is all of your eye-wear custom-made?

A: Yes. FAB Eyewear is hand crafted and custom made. This is so the customer can have merchandise no one else has and something that suits their personality and compliment their individuality!

Q: What would you describe as the perfect outfit to go with your FAB glasses?

A: FAB Eyewear pairs perfectly with simple looks. I tell my customers and clients to use FAB Eyewear as their pop of color or statement piece with their looks. For example wear your favorite pair of FAB Eyewear with a tailored blazer, a nice t-shirt, distressed skinny jeans and sky high heels or with a simple solid color dress and your ready to take on the world!


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