Left to right: Fanny Quioto, Amanda Elise, Dede Payton, Ebony Boyd Garner and Publicist Lindsey Walker

On April 11th, 2015, Unique Occasions By T. Nicole, an event planning firm in Atlanta, GA hosted their first ATL Health and Beauty Expo. The theme was “Conquering Your Mind, Body and Soul.” This event offered female entrepreneurs the opportunity to network and connect with like-minded business owners.

There was also a panel discussion where attendees gained insightful information on how to start a business in various industries including beauty, fitness and more. Featured panelists included ATL’s own Santia Deck, wardrobe stylist Ebony Boyd Garner, spiritual health coach Amanda Elise and CEO of Hands of Love Outreach Fanny Quioto. Read on to learn more about this amazing event and the women behind it!



Tell us how you feel about Women’s health?

I am passionate about women’s health, therefore I am always educating myself about health factors that are at a high health risks amongst women. Therefore, I can apply that knowledge to my health and strive to live a healthier and balance lifestyle.

How important is beauty for women?

Beauty represents the essence of a woman, her personality, her fashion, her identity, and it allows her to express herself.

What can we do as women to take better care of our beauty and/or health?

We as women should strive everyday to live a healthier lifestyle by selecting healthy food options and incorporating physical or fitness activity in our daily life. Sometimes our schedule might get hectic because we are working women, professionals, mothers, and wives, but we have to health and beauty a priority because it represents us.

We see the commercials on T.V. stating that women are now leading in  Heart disease, is that true to your knowledge?

Well, studies, research, health professionals, and along with the American Heart Association have confirmed the women have the highest rate of heart disease. So, it is imperative that we as women get our annual physical check ups with your doctor and make sure that we are aware of our health risks.

What age should we start taking betting care of our health?

We as women should constantly be striving to live a better and healthier lifestyle. Personally, I strive to become healthier more and more to prevent various health risks. It’s difficult sometimes, but you have to focus on a lifestyle change versus a quick fix in order to get long lasting results.

Does beauty just consist of makeup and cosmetics?

I always say “Beauty Is Inside The Eyes Of The Beholder”, therefore it is portray on how you individually carry it out!

How long or often do women need to exercise compared to men?

Well, I am not a health professional, therefore I can’t give the professional advice, but through my personal experience I aim to workout or exercise at least three times a week.

How important is the health and beauty expo to all women who attend?

The health & beauty expo focus or theme was “Conquering Your Mind, Body,  & Soul” which was designed as a platform to empower women to focus on a balanced well rounded lifestyle through health and beauty, as well as provide the women helpful information tips to assist in those areas.

Where can we keep up with your updates on future events and upcoming  projects?

You can stay connect with Unique Occasions byTNicole, Inc. events/projects through our website at or through our social media pages.

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