My name is Erika Gethers, a Cambridge, Ma native who’s on a mission to continually make myself happy and to plant as many good seeds as possible. Multi-talented & the female Jack of all trades, I aka Erykah Chanel of More Than Just A Pretty Face Company, lives for not settling for the simple way out and working hard to continually striving for better & more. Customer Service representative by day, Model-Event Coordinate-Aspiring Actress & Model Mentor with every other free moment in life, not to mention the norm of Sister, girlfriend, best friend, ect, my grind doesn’t stop. I am also pleased to announce I will be producing F.A.M.E (Featuring Ambitious Models and Entrepreneurs fashion show, which will take place in May. To stay up to date and or be apart of this please go to

I am a freelance Print/ Commercial model who has also graced the runway for many urban runways shows, some which include Brooklyn & Boston Fashion week. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality which is where the event planning aspect comes in. I have also helped multiple aspiring models get a jump start for them to chase their dreams. I have a passion for business, gaining knowledge & helping others. I am continuing my journey to become successful as I see fit, to enjoy the little moments and take in all of life’s experiences to make me a further well rounded person for the best that is yet to come. In my “spare” time I also enjoy shopping, working out, crocheting, food, shoes and hanging out with my loved ones.

Date of Birth: 1988-07-02
Height: 5′ 5″
Weight: 155lbs
Measurements: 32 – 27 – 43
Location: Cambirdge, Ma

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Instagram: @Erykahchanel


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