On The Ellen DeGeneres Show on April 26, 2016, Ellen shares a special tribute to music legend Prince.  Ellen remembers Prince making his first appearance on the first season of the show and how much she admired him. Plus, Ellen shares Prince’s performance of his classic hit “Kiss.”

DeGeneres then shared clips from that 2003 appearance, which saw the host asking the late musician about his fashion sense (“I’m not used to having women buy my shorts for me,” he told her) and revealing her personal copy of his first record.

“He was an artist, he was an icon, a genius, and he was kind enough to appear on my show in the very first season, in 2003, which you have to understand is a big deal because most stars wait to see if a talk show is going to be successful,” she continued. “They wait to see if it’s a cool thing to do before they say yes, so he did it on the first season, and it meant the world to me that he did that.”

“You’ve heard me say it many times before, but the coolest part of having this job is that I get to meet incredible artists and heroes of mine and they perform right here in front of me,” she said. “Of all the bands and artists that I’ve had on the show there was no one like Prince.

4/26/2016 by The Hollywood Reporter staff The Hollywood Reporter staff