Robert Greene started “Situations” which has been a passion of his for years. The passion to uplift others and to spread the word about those who are helping shed a light in the community. “Situations” was officially born when a thought came to mind during a summer 2012 trip to his hometown of Philadelphia, PA. The thought: What if I could do a show strictly by utilizing smart phone cameras and webcams, recording regular-everyday people talking about the subjects that they choose to talk about without being judged? This is what Situations is all about. Getting everyday people involved in discussing issues that matter to everyone as well as getting an opportunity to share their business, talent or service. As of November 2014, we have now expanded our reach in helping people reach their plateau by providing an online radio platform on which is growing with new listeners weekly.

How did the name “Situations” come to be?

It took for me to do some soul searching and take a trip to my hometown of Philadelphia, PA to visit my family on both sides to get the vision of what the name has become. During my trip I brought the idea forth to my uncles who I have grown up watching as they have been involved with radio, TV, and film making. One of my uncles takes me all over the city just to talk about life and how things are going, then he stated that situations happen every minute of the day in one’s life and you have to learn how to handle them accordingly.” I took a long hard thought about that quote and decided to name it Situations as every thing that everyone does in their life is a situations whether it be a good one or bad one.

How can businesses or individuals get on your radio show?

Businesses or individuals can get on my radio show by just contacting me on my Facebook page whether it be my personal page or my Situations page. If you have a talent such as music of all genres, poetry, writing, anything that is positive to the community and that individual or business has a drive for growth then I am all for it. I also have a comedy show which has turned out to be very popular so we also can also showcase your comedy skills there as well. Just contact me and we can help.

Who are some notable people you have interviewed?

The first notable person that I have interviewed on my show Situations Live was jazz saxophonist Jarez. To follow that, this past July we interviewed the likes of Rico Da Ruler. He is the hip-hop artist who’s video went viral with over now 20 million views as he created a freestyle to Jay-Z’s Song Cry Instrumental and dedicated it to his daughter as part of his Woman Crush Wednesday! We played his completed version of the song and talked with him about the joys of fatherhood and its importance. On my comedy show named The Laugh Out Loud Show, I have also had Tony Tone and TP Hearn from BET’s Comicview as guests so far with more notables to come soon.

Where do you see Situations in 5 years?

I envision Situations to become a household name across the country with some international presence as well. My YouTube version of the show that speaks on certain topics that are on most people’s minds will end up as a television series based on the nature of the topics that are discussed. People will come out to events that Situations is involved in and be able to enjoy themselves to a point where if they see my logo, they automatically say “I need to be there.” The biggest accomplishment in 5 years would have to be the continued development of the Situations Back To School Scholarship Fund for students in grades K-12 and will have given the scholarship out to those very deserving students helping to launch and continue their motivation to stay in school and strive for their goals and aspirations.

How can businesses get their business out there with your show?

It is very easy for businesses to get their company and/or product out on the show. I offer free interviews, voice over services, and website placement. I also produce commercials for various companies from 30 seconds to 2 minutes maximum. I also market them and send their commercials to my good friends who also do various radio shows across the country which helps them expand to other markets that may not have been tapped by their business resulting in more airplay. All they would have to do is e-mail me with the description, if they want to interview, be placed on my website, or have me produce a commercial. I would execute the plan of action and then proceed from there.

What are your social media links and website?

Everyone can visit my website at where they can listen to our radio shows, watch our YouTube episodes, as well as find independent music artists, good books, non-profit agencies along with our hats and t-shirts. Businesses who want to work with me and would like to utilize my services can e-mail me at On social media you can add my personal page Robert Greene or you can add me through the Situations page by going to and finding my personal page there. Follow me on Twitter at @situationswebtv and on Instagram at situations_host. Follow me and I will follow back…I won’t bite I promise.

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