When artist Christopher Lovell first began to create art, he had no idea that his artwork would turn into a social media phenomenon! Everyone knows that in today’s time, social media rules the world and that going viral is a goal that many people aspire to do. So when tattoo artist Ami James came across a design created by Christopher Lovell, he instantly took notice. After James posted the artwork design on his ‘Tattoodo’ Facebook page going viral is exactly what happened! With an astounding 1.8 million views and over 60 thousand ‘likes’, Christopher Lovell knew he was onto something big. So taking his creativity one step further, Lovell decided to release the design on a series of 8 different tee shirt styles created for both men and women. For a limited time, you can purchase your very own Lovell designed tee shirt. This specific designed tee shirt is only available on his Teespring campaign This tee shirt would make a stylish addition to anybody’s wardrobe. So don’t waste anymore time, because these are only here for a limited time and they are sure to go fast. Complete your purchase order by September 22, 2015 and receive yours once the teespring campaign is complete. Make sure to get your very own, one-of-a-kind Christopher Lovell designed masterpiece!