We first met the talented De’Anna Liz at the Amirakal Marketing 3rd Anniversary Event on June 10th. We were granted the luxury of interviewing the lovely Ms. Liz about her chosen career field & her love of shoes. Check out her biography below & contact information for booking at events.

De’Anna Liz


An Afro Latina De’Anna Liz was born on April 26, 1991 in Miami, Florida. Living with a single mom Raysa and being diagnosed with chronic asthma her mother decided to move back home to New York with her family. In 1993 she met the man who became De’Anna Liz’s father figure and role model. Shortly after becoming the oldest of two siblings; brother Alex Alvarez and sister Stephanie Alvarez. Father being NYPD felt as if the tough and rugged streets of the Bronx were unsafe to raise his family so he moved them to a small town called Carmel, NY.

De’Anna Liz struggled with the issue of racism attending elementary school. She claims as if “They never seen a girl of color.” The kids poked fun of her skin tone and body weight growing up. So she struggled with self image and self esteem. Entering High School it was an ongoing battle but she overcame the obstacles by exercising and proper eating habits. Graduating in January 2005 with a 3.4 GPA she enrolled into Westchester Community College in which she wasn’t fully content with so dropped out and enrolled into Johnson & Wales University the fall of 2006. In which she took a turn for the better. She became an active member by joining an organization called L.A.S.A. Latin American Student Association. She held a leadership position as Public Relations Chair. She also was an active member to her community. Volunteering at churches and the MET school to be a mentor, tutor and role model to adolescents

Graduating Johnson & Wales University with over a 3.0 GPA with a degree in Entertainment Management with concentrations in Marketing and Psychology De’Anna Liz aspires to empower the youth through the knowledge she has gained and experiences encountered. She believes she could uplift the youth through the voice of her poetry and launch of her upcoming campaign. She’s currently working on launching her modeling, acting and entertainment career!

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