The film pits members of the groups against each other, and no matter how chummy has been with Carter, McLean and Dorough, only one group can win.


might not even know about the project. “I don’t think they said anything, actually,” Fatone shared. “I never said, ‘Hey I’m doing this,’ so they didn’t find out.”


soundtrack, the title song that me, Chris, Nick, Howie, A.J. and a couple of the guys from O-Town sang on,” Fatone told PEOPLE about the mysterious photos he and Kirkpatrick


While the film is about gunslingers, no boy band blood was shed. “It was fun,” said Fatone. So fun, in fact, that it brought Kirkpatrick and Fatone back into the studio together, just like old times. “I will tell you now, there is a song on the


So does this mean the boy bands didn’t exchange scathing texts or AOL emails (it was the ’90s, after all) challenging each other to sing offs? Apparently not, and the proof is in the upcoming channel , which finds Fatone and ‘ bandmate acting alongside the BSB members, in addition to members of O-Town and 98 Degrees.


Added Fatone: “It was funny because we were always talking about what each other were doing because we are all interlinked because of Lou Pearlman and Johnny Wright, our manager.”


wasn’t a wild notion because the groups never had beef. “They tried to make it that way, but it was never really like that,” the actor and singer, 39, told PEOPLE at the N.Y.C. premiere of another film he’s in,


We know what you’re thinking – if only we had a film that starred the members of BSB and NSYNC? We do. This June!— Syfy Australia (@syfyAU) March 9, 2016