Get your clothes to talk for you!  As winter has ended and spring is finally officially here, DAMNIMFLY Clothing released a spring line that is their best yet.  Already being hailed as one of the hottest upcoming clothing lines in the country, they include styles for people that want to make a sassy and loud statement, to styles that are conservative but classy.  DAMNIMFLY is all about the boldly colored, and strongly structured clothing that is eye catching and noticeable on the everyday grey streets.  The clothing categories available are tank tops, t-shirts, polo shirts, and hats.  Emerging from the streets of Queens, NY DAMNIMFLY encompasses the versatility that is synonymous with New York fashion.  What makes this line so unique?  The pieces in the line are not restrictive to any one type of person or gender.  It fits guys and girls from many different backgrounds.  Another case in point is that it is available exclusively on social media.  The new line of clothing was released on Instagram in early March and sold out by April.  Purchases can be made wholesale or custom, and everything is handmade.  Customers can walk into DAMNIMFLY locations in Queens, NY or place an order online.  This had made DAMNIMFLY a global entity.  The mastermind behind this global takeover is Shawn Don.  He is a native of Queens, NY.  Shawn graduated from Thomas A. Edison Vocational and Technical High School and went to Queensboro College for Business Administration.  He graduated from Queensboro College in 1998.  Shawn’s specialty is in marketing.  He said, “Social media made it possible for the Average Joe to have a decent chance at least of getting his creations out to the world.”  DAMNIMFLY is all over social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  When speaking with Shawn he insists, “Clothes should make a statement.  I don’t believe in following.  Nine out of 10 people in this industry started by following someone!  Not for the love of the art!  Do something original.  That’s what DAMNIMFLY (DIF) is all about.”  Shawn Don manages a music and fashion career.  He is currently President at TNP Records since Jan 2, 2004 – Present as well as CEO of DAMNIMFLY Clothing Line.
Photographer Veronica Brown of La Fotografia combined with model Fatima Gaskin in downtown Columbia, SC for the creation of this shoot.  Mr. Shawn Don had given Fatima much of the creative direction for how the shoot went. Shawn had worked hand and hand with Fatima on previous projects,  and explained how he was looking for new types of images to market and express what DAMNIMFLY was.  The location was stumbled upon my the photographer scouting for an alley to set up the string.   It was inspired based on the Colors of the Strings of Fate.  Dated way back in Greek mythology there is the tale of the three sisters. “The Moirae, or Fates, are three old women who are charged with the destinies of all living beings, including heroes and heroines, and these destinies were represented by a string. They were called Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos.  Clotho would spin the string that represented the life of a living being; Lachesis would measure its length to determine the length of that being’s life, and Atropos, the eldest, would cut it when the time was right, thus ending with that being’s life.” (Wikepedia).   The colors of the string had significance in the meaning of where a persons life direction was going.  Green is the color of balance and green.  Pink is the color of unconditional love and nurturing.  Purple is imagination.  Blue is trust and peace.  This symbolism of different paths to life choices fits DAMNIMFLY perfectly.  The trademark of this clothing line is a peace sign with a hat on it with the balance of the colors of red and blue for energy, passion, and ambition and trust and peace.  Determined and committed to excellence DAMNIMFLY continues to make their unique work mainstream.

– Fatima Gaskin

Photography: La Fotografia
Model: Miss Tima
Hair: Consuela “SwaySway” Davis
Makeup: B Lee Hines of Facefront artistry
Jewelry: Mimi’s Creationz
@damnimflytnp Instagram
@shawnsafaridon Twitter

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