also compelled everyone to vote this election season so that their voices could be heard. “I know if I don’t vote — I’ll tell you this, and I know it’s true — the way Hitler got into Germany was that only 30 percent of the people voted, OK? And that can’t happen,” she said. [Fact check: Approximately 80 percent of eligible voters cast votes in that 1932 German election; Hitler’s party received approximately 30 percent of the votes in a multiple party system]. “And not that anybody’s like Hitler, but if you want to be included in your country, you better include yourself and use your vote. Use your vote as your voice. Because you don’t want to walk around voiceless.”


Lauper reportedly said of : “She’s the person who can actually do the job. She can work with these guys on both sides… because we’ve already seen the government shut down and we’ve already seen the people who moan about the people, ‘We care about the people!’ And that’s why you shut the government down?”


3/16/2016 by Luis Polanco Luis Polanco