Custom Heels by Canadian expat Tanya Heath in Paris

Most people have to choose what shifts to work but Canadian expat, Tanya Heath had to choose between wearing flats or heels to her place of employment. She chose heels. Over the years she wore high heels everyday & through three pregnancies. She even experienced an injury on one of her feet from wearing the high heels 24/7. After several years of studying Business in Paris Tanya Heath decided to quit her job and pursue her love for shoe fashion. And after two-and-a-half years and working with 14 engineers the custom Heels by Tanya Heath was born in Paris, Europe. A pair of Tanya’s shoes were also shown on CTV’s Canada AM with different heels. The concept of her custom shoes is that you can change out the heels of the shoes without taking them off. They are interchangeable. Her line now has over 90 pairs of heels and 28 styles to choose from. The average price for each pair of heels ranges from $70 & $200.

Watch the demonstration video below & interview with CTV News!

Contact Info:

Address: 22 rue du Dragon 75006 Paris FRANCE
Telephone: +33 9 83 80 43 27


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