Courtney Cousette was born in Inglewood, CA where she was also raised by parents Charles & Diahann Johnson. Courtney grew up with older brother Charles Johnson II and several male cousins. She made sure she caught your eyes & her way. Courtney has her roots in Louisiana. She is no stranger to being a country girl. Her parents relocated early on. Courtney would visit during summers but her heart was in California. It was easy to recognize Courtney’s free spirit. The way she demanded attention, the family just knew she belonged in front of the camera.

Courtney excelled in Inglewood educational system. Here she developed her personality that’s responsible for her success today. Though she was bit of a class clown, her teachers not only recognized Courtney’s character but her talent for her writing. Poetry, songs or pure expression, Courtney’s writing stood out amongst the others and she made sure her literature took you there.

Courtney continue to grow a passion for the Arts. Between drama class, writing workshops and art afterschool programs, she kept at her craft. Courtney was often bullied & teased so the arts were a perfect outlet. She evolved, and turned negativity into positivity. Gaining a love for the performing arts and developing an untouchable humbling personality with tough skin.

After graduating from high school Courtney’s rebel spirit couldn’t wait to taste the real world. She worked at various odd jobs & learned how to interact with people. She later enrolled in West LA college where she took more theater classes, child development courses & dance. Enjoyed her time at WLAC but what she got from the experience was acting skills and discovering her talent for dance choreography. Courtney then took her skills to her after school program job, where she served as a choreographer for middle school girls. After taking her teams to 3rd & 2nd place championship wins, Courtney felt inspired to join the performing arts world once more. She decided to pursue her career in acting, model, and hosting.

Courtney followed her dreams in 2012 and stepped onto the entertainment scene. Courtney later joined Greg Dean’s comedy class where she embraced her comedic side. Though she didn’t do active stand up, she carried that knowledge with her on projects. Courtney has had the opportunity to model for fitness, bikini, print and jewelry companies. She has been featured in boutiques and various music videos as well. You may also catch Courtney in YouTube parodies showing her comedic side. In 2014 Courtney made her first TV appearance, guest starring on Preachers of LA as a nanny. The opportunity only fueled the fire in Courtney to continue, so that there would be more appearances. Courtney has been featured in over 10 music videos with artist such as: Rick Ross f/ K. Michelle – If They Knew, Afro Jack f/ Snoop Dogg – Dynamite, Ma$e f/ Eric Bellinger – Nothin’ etc. She is expanding opportunities to host and act in more film & tv projects.

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Photography by: Steven Harvey – The Perfect Image