Marko Stout is a contemporary artist in New York City who uses acrylic paint to depict real life. One of his most recent and recognizable projects is ‘Chelsea Girls‘. Chelsea Girls is inspired by the women in the Chelsea area of New York City. As you can see by the grittiness of the pieces, they illustrate the raw form of the women who live their lives in Chelsea. Read the words included, look closely at the images and take in the vibrant colors as you step into the world of Marko Stout.

Marko Stout was born in South Africa, but relocated with his family to the United States when he was a young child. Once his primary education was complete, Stout took time off to travel to different places throughout the USA and Europe. In California is where Stout realized that he had a love and a passion for the art of painting. Eventually returning to New York City, this is where his life as an artist began to blossom and bloom.

Drawing inspiration from artists such as Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons, one of the many factors that makes Marko Stout’s art-form so unique, is the fact that he incorporates video imagery into many of his art exhibitions. In an interview with ‘Hollywood Magazine’, Stout states that, “The installation format is another way of presenting the artwork”. This accompaniment of the art piece and video helps to further draw in his audience with fast motion and booming sound.

With the immense talent and passion for art making, Marko Stout is a beacon for what is sure to be a bright, enduring and the everlasting future of art.

You can find art by Marko Stout for purchase in Saatchi Art Gallery. His studio and galleries are located on 23rd St in New York, NY, Belgium and Berlin. Check out his upcoming exhibitions on his website:

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