When did you realize that music was your passion?

Growing up, music was always a part of my family. I come from a really musical family, and I was always surrounded by really talented musicians. As a young child, I was always singing and performing, and by the time I was in high school, I realized that music was really my passion and that I wanted to pursue a career in music, to be an artist, a singer, and performer.

What is one misconception that people may have about gospel music?

I think the one misconception people have about gospel music is that it is old, out dated, and unrelatable. That is hardly the case, and it is clearly the opposite once you actually take a moment and listen to the music. What people don’t realize is that a lot of todays music is derived and is heavily influenced by gospel music. Today, a lot of the new gospel artists have been putting out some really extraordinary music that is fresh, new, musically inspiring and is definitely relatable. There’s a lot of soul in the music and the message of the songs speak to heart and the hardships and pain that we all face daily. We all go through ups and downs. Gospel music is about finding your strength, that supernatural strength in God. 

Using only one word, how would you describe your debut album “No Other Way”. 


What would you consider to be the most difficult part of being a gospel music artist in a secular world of music?

I’d say it is getting my message across to reach every person I possibly can. I think that being a Christian artist in a secular world of music may at times not get the same attention and media coverage as a secular artist  would get due to the message, content of my music, or just simply because I am a Christian artist. Christian music isn’t really at the forefront of the entertainment and music business, so I’d say that those are the challenges that I face. However, I’d like to change that and bring Christian music the attention it deserves.

Do you have any plans for a tour of your new album?

Yes, I do have plans for a tour for my new album. We’re doing a big promo RadioTV tour right now and then will be the performance tour very soon. I’m really excited about that! Just stay tuned for the announcement!

Other than music, what is another passiontalent of your that you would like to hone?

Fashion! I have a real love and passion for fashion. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved fashion. I know I have a really good eye for certain things, and I’m currently working on my own fashion line. I’m very very excited about it and can’t wait to share it with everyone soon!

Can you tell us one thing about yourself that most people do not know? 

Sure, I’m an introvert. I love just being at home in my own space and environment. I’m a thinker and do spend a lot of time reflecting, reading, and thinking about different things and of course music is always on my mind. Don’t get me wrong though, I love to interact with people, but after that I do need that time to be in my own space.

Where can your album “No Other Way be purchased”? And what are your social media links? 

My album can be purchased on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, CD Baby and at all major online stores. For the actual physical album, I sell them directly from my webstore on my website. 

Here’s a list of my social media:

Official Website:
Snapchat: chayahmiranda