Now,  and  have put their own spin on it for Target’s upcoming Spring style ad campaign called Around Town. While it’s hard to compete with the slew of artists who have hopped on the song before her, Tinashe more than holds her own on the throwback jam. The song will serve as the soundtrack for Target’s ad campaign, giving Tinashe some great publicity in the run-up to her hopefully soon-to-be-released sophomore album.


Tinashe is gearing up for her sophomore album Joyride, but that doesn’t mean that’s all she’s focused on. Case and point: she just laid down a cover of “” for Target. The song, originally released in 1981 by the Tom Tom Club, is most famous for its use in the 1995 song “” by , although it’s also been sampled by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Public Enemy, Redman, Cam’ron and more.



  • Nathan Flatus

    Why change “get out of jail” to “get out of here”?