When we first saw Ms. Charmaine’s Couture designs we were surprised she wasn’t already a well known designer to the stars and couldn’t possibly sit down for an interview with us. Not only does her line attract star attention she was more than willing to conduct the interview with us and we absolutely fell in love with her and her work! After reading her article you will too!

How did you get started in the fashion industry?

I began my fashion career started by attending & graduated from Fashion Institute of Design & merchandising in 1993.  My first job began as a design assistant for a startup Korean company for Juniorwear.  Then forward – 22 years of fashion manufacturing background, & 2 seasons as cast member for NBC Fashion Star , I began opening & launching my brand under the label Charmaine Joie Couture.

Did you always want to be a designer?

Becoming a fashion designer has honestly been a lifelong dream.  I started by taking leftover fabric swatches from my mothers sewing machine and draping on my Dolls to create dresses.

Who is a fashion designer that you have always looked up to?

My two designers I have even inspired by is  A.  Coco Chanel. & B.  Edith Head – Hollywood Dress DoctoR

How would you describe your style? What is your inspiration?

My design aesthetic I describe is Feminine Individualism. I design dresses that accentuate us as women , hide the flaws we want to hide & still keeping it Feminine & modest.
The inspiration I draw from is # 1- God & 2nd-  the Diamond.
Why? A Diamond?–each is creatively unique, just like my dresses. When these (dresses) diamonds are worn , it makes any women’s true light (inner beauty ) reflect thru & shine.

How can someone go about ordering a custom dress designed by you?

My website will be going live within two weeks or by the time you will publish this.  It’ll be: & email  Ill have the photos available for look book & custom order thru given measurements.  Ill be working on store orders before end of the year.

Who are some notable clients that you have worked with?

Since I’ve just started launch , my notable clients have started with Eleri Jane, a rising recording star in the Pop music world here in LA & model/ actress Ineska Tak Tak from France .  I’ve had notable models work my dresses such as Ambreal Williams from ANTM season 9, Janine Tugonon, 1st runner up 2012 Miss Universe Miss Philippines , Kellen Lim Chea, Miss California National, Cristine Coria, Survivor Cook Islands Fame & advocate for charity, & Eyga Mojus, ( Miss Sudan) contestant in Miss Africa US pageant.

What are your plans for your business in the next 5 years?

5yr Business plan:
Year one:  establish label name & make foundation for company to build. Build clientele
Year 2: Show in New York
Start build small collection in high end stores
Red carpet at Oscars, SAG & music awards shows
Year 3:  show in London , Milan
Begin shipping my line overseas
Build a charity foundation helping empower women thru education & charitbl functions
Year4:  show in Dubai
Start other lines & expand  sportswear n swimsuit collections
Year 5 : show in Paris & open a flagship store.

What advice do you have for young fashion designers?

Advice to young designers:
Don’t let doubt  & fear stop you.
Believe in yourself & others will believe in you.
Wake up & make your dream a reality.  I did.

How would you describe one of your favorite dresses designed by you?

Paris dress (the photo last issue)
Being in love with someone you feel worthy.
That’s my inspiration for that dress

Where can we keep up with your updates?

Just keep checking the website or the social media addresses..
Instagram:  charmainejoiecouture
Facebook page: Charmaine Joie Couture
Twitter:  Cha_joie

Photo Gallery: