The offering goes on to include wedge sandals and “in-flight” leisure wear, such as knit tops and pants. Harris said the selection was a natural fit for the layout of the 20,000-sq.-ft. space.


“From the triple-height façade of Scott Square, the customer will be confronted by the building wrapped by the Chanel Airlines and Pedder on Scotts graphic; the digital check-in experience allows customers entry where they will be met by Chanel Airlines uniformed steward and stewardesses,” said Harris. “Unexpected and highly developed visual and interactive displays will surprise and tell the product story.”


Product selection includes everything from footwear to ready-to-wear and beauty, with items curated exclusively by Karl Lagerfeld for the pop-up. The interior boasts elements of travel come to life — from a conveyor belt featuring luggage goods to mannequins in Chanel uniforms to safety yellow as a key pop of color.


Added Pedder Group president Peter Harris, “What’s most exciting for me is the experience, the juxtaposition of Chanel against the backdrop of Pedder on Scotts. As a [result] of the excitement in the city and the numbers who will attend, we are expecting strong sales.”


“Singapore has reached a level of sophistication where clients are looking for a certain lifestyle,” said Stephanie Donnet-Couette, managing director for Chanel Singapore. “They are looking for experiences not just globally but in Singapore. They want local experiences, something that they can touch and feel. The concept of a pop-up installation is a way for Chanel to showcase the creativity, quality and moderninity of our collections, outside the context of our boutique network.”


The teams collaborated on a playful setup, which showcases the luxury brands spring and summer ’16 collection, an exclusive selection inspired by design details of an airport terminal. The space, which will remain open through April 3, marks the first time Chanel has sold product outside of its own stores in the Southeast Asia area.