CEO & Founder Rhonda A. Thompson of Rose of Sharon Transitional Living for Women
Inc. a 501c3 organization, Realtor, Inspired Author, Boss Lady on the Move Ambassador
and Mogul. Rhonda A. Thompson’s mission is to make sure that every grocery store,
movie theater, school, church, sports arena and the such share about domestic
violence. A mother of two boys one being 5 and the other 23 years old she desire that
her boys will not only be a voice as a male perspective but also be an advocate for those
going through domestic violence.

Rhonda A. Thompson began her domestic violence work in 1998 while working the crisis
line at Sojourner Truth house in Milwaukee, WI. She had an incident where she
personally escaped a family and transporting them to Racine, WI on the Greyhound;
Thompson felt the yearning from the deepest recesses of her soul that she had to make
healing women and preventing domestic violence her life’s mission. Mrs. Thompson
ignored the calling for 15 yrs. until she couldn’t any longer. Eventually, the concept
engulfed her and permeated her entire being. And that is when Thompson founded
Rose of Sharon in February 2012.

As a woman who survived multiple abuses she understood the many forms of domestic
violence including sexual abuse. Thompson has gone from SURVIVOR to
OVERCOMER….An Overcomer is one that used what they survived from as a platform to
reach back and help others.

From Victim to Overcomer Rhonda A. Thompson has devoted her life’s legacy as
visionary to being the voice for the voiceless. Professional she works as a Realtor and
Project Manager Mrs. Thompson’s passion for event planning and entertaining has
been an extraordinary masterpiece Rhonda A. Thompson is the creator of several
successful events such as Living Behind the Mask Masquerade Ball which is a way to
honor other overcomers of domestic violence, Sunday Wine Down a food and wine
tasting combined with live music, spoken word and a fashion show and Tea Party
Socials which highlights more than just tea but brings women together to have some of
those deep conversations with hopes of creating social change. All of which are
fundraising social events that not only bring awareness to domestic violence but also
brings the community together in support of other survivors, business owners and
trailblazers in their own right.

Mrs. Thompson’s events leave her guest with a sense of awareness and an experience
that will last a lifetime. Some of her supporters are First Lady Sarah E. Reed, Andrea
Kelly, Janet Jackson Boss Chix of Atlanta, Beverly Cunningham Outreach Center, LeLee
Lyons of SWV, Deborah Hightower and Tracey Harris of Gospel Tribune to name a few.
We have seen a trend in celebrities coming out with domestic violence cases like we
have never seen before. However, domestic violence is NOT a new trend; violence
against women has been an international epidemic for centuries. One in four women will
experience domestic violence in her lifetime according to the Center for Disease Control

Each year since 1976, about 30 percent of all female murder victims are killed by their
intimate partner. According to a new study conducted by the Violence Policy Center in
2009, Georgia ranks 10th in the nation for its rate at which men kill women in
single-victim homicides, most of which are domestic violence murders.

Mrs. Thompson has multi-dimensional vision for ROS, with the primary focus being
housing. Although the work can be challenging at times Thompson finds that helping
women and children has become very rewarding and fuels her passion effortlessly.
Rose of Sharon is owned and operated in the heart of Atlanta, which has helped dozens
of women transition through the healing phases of domestic violence while restoring
their inner and outer image and independence.

These are the people that Thompson serve. This is more than just an organization for
her; this is her ministry, her reason for being. Just as important, to help each victim pick
up the shards of their shattered lives and restore their sense of selves so that they can
move on to fulfill their life’s destiny.

It’s her pursuit to help women through the numerous stages of healing restoration as
she helps them to improve their inner and outer persona by empowerment and
redevelopment victims regain their VOICE. The organization’s main focus is to provide
these victims with temporary shelter as well as other services that include crisis
intervention, providing food, advocacy, counseling for victim/child, support groups, etc.
These victims are also provided with workshops on financial planning, pre-employment
training, life skills, drug/alcohol prevention, and parenting skills. This is such an
enormous task of supplying everything that these victims need, She can do it with a little
bit of help and support from all of us. Thank God for Rhonda, who has dedicated her life
to making a difference in these domestic violence victims’ life.

For more information, log onto or via Facebook: Rose of Sharon ATL
Writers: Rhonda A. Thompson, Terry Shropshire Atlanta Daily World and Boss Lady Mae
Stardom 101 Magazine