Thursday, August 17, 2017


A question mark definitely seems appropriate for the sixth season of American Horror Story. On Tuesday, FX unveiled the new logo via social media...Read more:
A native of Scotland, Murray last won Wimbledon in 2013 and has said he’s determined to reclaim the crown this year. Earlier this month, he secured his fifth consecutive win at the Queen’s Club tourney in London, so the taste...
Daniel Radcliffe spent a decade playing The Boy Who Lived across eight films, from 2001&8217;s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer&8217;s Stone to 2011&8217;s Harry...Read more:
Game of Thrones ratings exploded for the HBO drama&8217;s sixth season finale Sunday night, hitting a new record high in the overnight numbers for the...Read more:
President Obama might be the ultimate Game of Thrones fan. After all, the commander-in-chief has enough pull that he gets episodes in advance, and...Read more:
Alert: This post contains major plot points in the Game of Thrones season 6 finale &8230; And just like that, a new ruler has ascended to the Iron...Read more:
After more than 20 years in the business, the Backstreet Boys aren&8217;t slowing down anytime soon. Recently, the band performed at the Miss USA 2016...Read more:
Three months after Taking Back Sunday announced the timeline for their new album, EW is excited to reveal that the group&8217;s seventh&160;collection,...Read more:
Arya Stark crossed a major name off her list Sunday night (finale spoiler below). In the Game of Thrones season 6 finale &8220;The Winds of Winter,&8221;...Read more:
The sixth season of American Horror Story has been shooting almost completely under the radar. The official cast list, title, and theme are all...Read more:
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Jon Snow still knows nothing &8212; but at least we know much more than we did at the start of season 6. We know that Jon&8217;s not Ned&8217;s son, but Lyanna&8217;s....Read more:
Warning: This post contains spoilers about the Game of Thrones season 6 finale, &8220;The Winds of Winter&8221;&8230; Forget about winter. Daenerys Targaryen is...Read more:
Game of Thrones concluded what&8217;s arguably its&160;best season with one of its finest &8212; and the bloodiest &8212; episodes, &8220;The Winds of Winter,&8221; which...Read more:
Note: This story contains a major revelation from the season 6 finale of Game of Thrones&8230;. Her death, like so many others on Game of Thrones, wasn...Read more:
This post includes a significant&160;reveal from Sunday&8217;s&160;Game of Thrones&160;episode, &8220;The Winds of Winter&8221; He&8217;s a bastard no more! Game of Thrones...Read more:
No awards show is complete with a surprise performance, and Queen B dropped in on Sunday&8217;s BET Awards to sing &8220;Freedom&8221; from&160;Lemonade. Opening the...Read more:
"So, Mike Dobson called me and said, 'I'm going to surprise my wife during the reception and have Big Daddy Kane perform,'" Mars captioned one video. "He then says,'Mars you call Kane to work it out'. So I'm gassed...
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Deadpool 2 is a no-brainer:&160;The first film grossed more than&160;$778.6 million worldwide, breaking a number of box&160;office records in the process. Ryan...Read more: