About Burju Shoes

Burju Shoes, created by professional dancer/choreographer Burju Perez, brings the everyday woman a unique collection of stylish yet highly functional and comfortable designer shoes. Distinguished by high-end construction, tailored patterns and high quality leather, Burju Shoes draws a combination of brilliant colors, feminine designs and subtle yet edgy details to create distinctive contrasts and versatility in every shoe. Made to be worn on and off the dance floor, every shoe is engineered with the athletic-ability of a dance shoe that puts comfort as its number one priority.

Each collection comes from the inspiration of designer Burju Perez’s ability to absorb color from the world around her and her innate creative intuition; the roots of which were cultivated through her dance and travel. Though her dancing career proved to be rewarding, Burju’s desire to fully embrace her own fashion, style and art sense encouraged the designer to launch Burju Shoes in April of 2009. Since then the company has grown tremendously within the dance scene worldwide. Burju Shoes have been featured and worn by Season 11’s Dancing with the Stars and the company is currently taking additional steps to further its reach through new marketing, public relations, events and social media campaigns within the dance, bridal and fashion markets. Burju Shoes takes pride in its products, and truly believes that everyone should be both stylish and comfortable from head to toe.


Tell us about yourself and Burju Shoes.

I graduated from Boston University with a bachelor’s degree in International Relations with a concentration in Business. Upon graduating, I started a career in finance, when after three years, I realized that the corporate world was not for me. I decided to quit my job and pursue my dreams of becoming a professional salsa dancer. My husband and I have been blessed with an amazing dance career for more then 15 years. While working and traveling as a professional dancer and choreographer, it was difficult to find stylish dance shoes other than nude or black. Being that Salsa is such a lively and vivid dance, I felt that none of the current shoe brands reflected that, nor my personal fashion style. I realized that there was a tremendous opportunity to fill the gap between highly functional and comfortable shoes with high fashion style, and with that, the inspiration to start my own shoe line began!

Although I didn’t have a background or education in design or manufacturing, I through caution to the wind, and I gave it a go! Burju Shoes was born in 2009. We featured our first Diva and Stiletto collection in 2010 and the brand just took off, becoming a global brand. We have expanded our collections to now offer shoes in street soles, in order to appeal to not just dancers but the general market of women who are looking for a stylish yet very comfortable shoe.

My husband and I still tour both national and internationally, however, we are on a limited schedule since we had our daughter Nayla and bought a house in the suburbs of Boston. Between being a mother, wife and business owner, life is all a balance, and loving every moment of it!

What types of shoes do you sell?

We launched Burju Shoes as a dance shoe, but have expanded our collections to include both lifestyle and bridal/special occasion shoes. Our shoes are made to be worn on and off the dance floor, and engineered with the athletic-ability of a dance shoe that really puts comfort as its number one priority. You can wear these shoes all day! The shoes are offered in both street soles or soft suede soles for inside/dance wear. We also have a line of flats, sandals, winter boots and menswear. We also offer custom design shoes, so if you don’t see your dream shoe we will work one on one with you to create the perfect shoe. We’ve had many brides ask us to design their wedding shoes.

Dancing with the Stars is one of Sarah’s favorite shows, what was it like having your shoes worn by them and would you work with them again?

It was an amazing opportunity and a fantastic experience for us! The cast loved the shoes and we received rave reviews from all the dancers. It was definitely exciting to see all the celebrities wearing Burju Shoes! We would certainly be open to the idea of working with the dancers and show again as well as other popular fashion and dance shows. Every opportunity is a great opportunity to gain exposure and get our shoes on women worldwide! Every woman needs a little Burju in their life 😉

What is the best height in heel size for dance/lifestyle shoes?

Personally, I love high heels and have always felt the higher the better! It really depends on what feels most comfortable to the customer. Our shoes are designed in 2.5 to 4 inch heels, and come in flared and stiletto heels. Some women love to wear the 4 inch heels and others feel more comfortable in a lower heel.

Where can people keep up with you and your updates and make purchases?

All of our shoes are available online at Our customer support will help you choose the right size and pair for you with a 100% warrantee and return policy. We are working on launching our very first pop up store in New York City for the fall. We sell our shoes at events around the world and we have resellers worldwide, which give our customers the opportunity to try on the shoes. You can also follow us on our Burju blog as well as on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for updates, news, new styles, events, sales and giveaways. We’ll be launching our very first commercial this fall, so be sure to catch it online!

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