What makes your brand different from others?

Books & Ballads is an online clothing brand but we’re not your usual high street brand. There are many things that make our brand unique. First of all, we’re completely online. That makes us more agile, quick to respond and also helps us interact with customers personally.

What distinguishes us from other brands is that we’re a hybrid of designer and high street brands. Like we say on our website, we’re the Chanel of T-shirts. We are like a high street brand in that our clothing is priced affordably. At the same time, we launch new collections every season. This is a concept that is common among fashion brands. We use high-quality apparel and are sweatshop-free. Thus, we’re a high street brand that gives you the VIP experience.

Can you tell us about your newest collection?

Our newest collection, The Summer Collection is already available on our website. This collection contains colorful tees and totes that are great for summers. This is perhaps, our most diverse collection to date. Yellow, orange, pink and lime green are the dominant colors in this collection. The inspiration for the collection was my childhood. Through this collection, I want to take people back to the place where dreams come true and roads are made of candy. This collection is very diverse and also has sporty tees and edgy street wear.

What does Books and Ballads stand for?

Books & Ballads are two things that are timeless. Pop and dance songs come and fade but ballads stay in our memory for longer. Books also symbolize that timelessness. A good book can change a person. Both of these are things that make me happy. Since our brand’s vision is to produce clothing that helps your express your ‘lighter side’, I thought this name was very fitting. So, overall, this name means we produce timeless pieces that make you feel happier. This also means our customers are smart, savvy women who are beautiful and unique.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is always changing. It used to be feminine and classic, something you can see in our Classic Collection but right now, it’s more of sporty and experimental. Those are the kind of designs in our Summer Collection. My personal style always evolving and I think that’s great for the brand. My evolving style means I can create unique pieces every season.

How important is it to you for women to feel happy and confident?

I think confidence and happiness are what we unknowingly define as ‘beauty’. There is no uniform standard of beauty in the world. What makes us beautiful is confidence. We’re attracted to people who are confident. I think confidence stems from happiness to a large extent. A happy person is secure and loves what they do.
For me as a woman, happiness is very important. It brings a radiance and sense of purpose that nothing else can. That’s why, I created this brand. My aim is to create comfortable and optimistic clothing that make women feel confident. All our sizes are priced the same. Through larger sizes cost more to produce, I believe that individuality should be celebrated, not stereotyped. We also do custom sizes and colors because we believe expressing our unique self is what makes us happy.

How do you come up with your designs for your clothes?

Most of the time, I get a sudden flash of inspiration while meditating or eating or doing something mundane. Then, I run to my sketchpad and draw a sketch. After I’m done, I work on the digital version. This is a very organic process and inspiration hits me as much as three times a day (sometimes past midnight, which can be very inconvenient).

Do you make custom orders as well? How can someone send one to your team?

Yes, we make custom orders. We believe each person is different and has unique needs and preferences. That means, if your size is not available or, you want one of our designs in another color you can contact us on with your requirements. We’re also working on designer dresses. We post sketches on our Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook pages regularly. You can order these ‘Haute Couture’ style designs by contacting us on

Where do you see your company in 5 years?

I think as a new business, it’s really important for us to take it one day at a time. However, right now, we’re working on expanding our product range. Like I said, we’re aiming to introduce our custom designed dresses by the end of this year (or the beginning of next year). We eventually want to produce specific collections for petites, plus sizes, athletic body types and expand product offerings to include everything from clothing to accessories. We are also aiming to retail in stores. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I believe business is a collaborative venture. The love we receive from our customers keeps us going. So far, the response has exceeded my expectations. Please continue to support us in if you’d like to see more in the future.

Are your products available in stores?

No, not yet. We’re only two months old. I feel being an online shop gives us an advantage over brick-and-mortar ones. We eventually plan to have our products available in stores. However, you buy our designs on other online stores like Fancy ( and Inselly (

What are your social media links and website?

You can find us on our website and online store:
Don’t be shy. We’d love to hear from you. Leave your comments on our Facebook page:

We also post outfit inspirations and sketches on Pinterest, Instagram and Polyvore:

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