Bohemian Dress Feature

1. What is your name? Where are you from?

My name is Marketa which is Margaret in English but I am British-Czech born and bread spending a lot of time around the world, also in USA and I like to be original and faithful to my roots. I am very proud of that and it is also reflection seen in my fashion style or design. British great cut with heart of Europe.

2. What is the name of your business? What is it about?

My label where I design and produce cute dresses is called Bohemia Dress and it has anything to do with bohemian look. It has very much in common with great tailored look coming from UK with some cordial fun and it is made for any women of any age or size in my mind. I just think we should be more ladies than ladettes and nice well cut dress makes nicer body shape and boost our self esteem than shapeless bag or masculine clothing. I wish everyone feels great wearing my clothes and loves themselves like Kanye loves Kanye.

3. How did you get started in your business?

My business kicked off officially in summer 2007 at music festival at Isle of Wight but the idea stems from my childhood. It sounds maybe like cliche but I really dressed up my dolls and I saved my pocket money to buy Barbie doll and I sew some things for her. I am not great tailor though but my mother as well as grandmother learnt me to knit and sew and I think it is important to know how the dress is make, cut. It doesn’t sound so posh like to be a fashion designer but I will feel back if I got the goods returned with the note – poor quality of sewing, that’s why I really value my seamstresses and the friend who is pattern cutter because she knows how change my fantasy on the paper in the mind into reality. I am really fussy about tailoring, we do the first sample from calico and tweak it until it is the best shape. We do dresses up to size 24 in UK and it really makes nice body shape. I go for quality over quantity, usually natural fibre and the dress is underlined by calico than polyester because it doesn’t make your body sweaty in hot summer. Briefly, I started with my friend Leeann who is Chinese and we met in Hong Kong ages ago and became good friends. We set up the stall at music festival at Isle of Wight, selling print t-shirts and also customized wellies because I have found out that many of festivalgoers forgot to bring wellies into muddy field. It caused some stir in my family because music festivals were seen like the event for bohemian people but the gran is really cool and she hates snobs, only problem was my cousin Bill who had stupid snooty comments about wellies, muddy field but you wear it for that occassions. The cousin is still stand off fish and his wife has dresses blown up in the wind compared to my weights in and decent lengths of skirts but I have been developed idea since 2007 and the first dress collection was ready by 2008. I like to create clothing that reflects personal style that can also be seamlessly integrated into any wardrobe. I was asked by Leeann recently if I told anything about my label to friends in Chicago because she saw a photo of one girl wearing Sandy like look, very unusual to her. I said no, I didn’t say anything to Jonathan or Chicago friends but it is great that people like look and take idea. I provide dress, I want any girl provide her own unique style.

4. What do you use as inspiration for what you do?

I’d highlight my personal taste, people, things around me and my travel but it is also streetstyle, old music, books and in last collection also curtains in the manors. Just say I was present at the talk of one lady who is a interior designer of old beautiful places and it is all about furnishing, drapery and those heavy floral curtains. I love using floral prints on my dresses. The first kick was exploring the maternal grandparent’s attic in his farmhouse where the dresses of my mum and aunt was stored. I felt like in Aladdin’s cave with treasure chest. I knew from the talks of my other aunt how my mother as young girl attended the afternoon tea parties with dancing on the motorbike, wearing the dresses in the forgotten box. It was big shock to me because my mother is very nice but classy old fashioned lady who will never meet my boyfriend unless it was serious say after six months and he proposed. It means I always put nice neat clothes when I go for the visit. Other influence was my paternal side of family in England who are very old fashioned in good way,grandma had amazing closet back in 1950s. She wore red lipstick. She was very smashing. My new favourite look with red pouts plus my classy style based on leather motorbike jacket is based on her 1950s look from real 1950s. She also lost her dad in her 25 years old age like me and it was good mixture of girl next door turning into self confident woman with vampish look. I like that injected into my design, empowering girls. Also her sister was quite rebel compared to me but she dated and married a man who was out of her league, rock’n’roll artist and she really mixed that nice Sandy look with Tony’s Rebel without cause in shabby place in London, something like Rome Holiday but it really happened. I am quite rock chick with nice foundation and I like to create nice design with edge, taking inspiration also in cool Californian vibe, old movies, Land Girls, Hollywood divas, pin up girls, harajuku girls, along my journey in life and working process.

5. Where do you see yourself & your business in 5 years?

Bigger and bigger:]] No, I will be happy if it goes with the flow and doesn’t sink. I am good captain. My work is my hobby.



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