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What is your name? Can you tell us about your company?

My name is Candice Galek, I started out with Bikini Luxe as just an idea to do something that I am passionate about, that being womens fashion and especially bikinis, Growing up in sunny Florida it does not take much of an excuse to have a wardrobe full of them. The company has been wildly successful in a very short time, we receive around 10,000 visitors a day currently and the visitor count is increasing daily as spring and summer stats to near.

What is the most popular item bought by customers?

This is a great question, our most popular brands would definitely be Montce and Peixoto. They are both local Miami Beach Designers who have really started to take off. All of their pieces are handmade here in the USA and are limited edition.

What is your favorite thing about bikinis?

Honestly everything, I love being able to help women showcase their bodies and give inspiration to others to do the same.

Do you think that women wearing bikinis and high heel6. What is the hottest bikini trend for the summer?

Bikinis and high heels? Welcome to Miami! This is a place where you dress up to go grocery shopping and I can’t lie I absolutely love it. I am ultra passionate about womens fashion and being able to do so on a daily basis is simply divine.

Do you create all of the pieces on your website yoursel8. What are some projects you are working on now?

The majority of our products are Miami based designers, only recently have we expanded to include some designers from California, Italy, Colombia and Brazil. These are really the hot spots for Bikinis, most likely due to the weather. When you can wear bikinis all year round it is amazing, I could not imagine myself living somewhere that this was not possible! We have also picked up some activewear lines but most likely we will not be adding our own activewear line until the fall as things are just too busy!

Who are some notable clients that have worn your suit10. How can our readers keep up with bikiniluxe?

We have had our designers and products featured in sports illustrated illustrated, Cosmo, Vogue more times than could be listed in this article. But honestly some of the real gems are little known designers like Mar de Rosas. This is a Colombian based company but their fabrics and the attention to detail in all of their pieces is incredible. They are the definition of high end designer bikini. We have a great newsletter that we send out every two weeks, and we are also well known for the fact that we do a bikini giveaway every month. We also feature designers as well as fashion bloggers in our own blogs here: and here: One of our most recent and successful products has been a product called “BikiniCleanse” this is a 7 day detox that has been wildly successful for our customers. Thank you for interviewing me! and remember “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”.

How can our readers keep up with bikiniluxe?


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