In case you forgot Carson tried to stab a guy, was caught lying about a West Point scholarship, and once put out this incorrect map of the United States.


The two racists agreed on their xenophobic beliefs which targeted Muslims. Trump’s proposed a Muslim ban while Carson has said Muslims should not be president.


Trump destroyed Carson on the campaign trail last year calling him a “loser” and comparing his temper to “child molestation” (because both don’t have a cure). The two would later become chummy and Carson would even say he’d be open to being Trump’s vice president. Maybe this is Carson’s way of buttering up Trump.


The endorsement is set to be made tomorrow at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida. Mashable reports Trump released information about a press conference happening Friday, but no other details were provided.


Donald Trump may have locked up endorsements from two former aspiring presidential candidates by the end of tomorrow. Trump, long endorsed by person who actually had a chance to become vice president of the United States Sarah Palin, scored an endorsement from opponent New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie not too long ago. Sources are saying Ben Carson—who officially ended his presidential campaign last Friday—is the next failed candidate to endorse Trump.