B.A.B.E. MAGAZINE is a proud partner of Women and Shoes Magazine. We have also published each others company in one another’s magazines. If you support our movement you will LOVE theirs! As much as we feature women of all shapes & sizes, B.A.B.E. MAGAZINE focuses solely on the beauty of a plus size woman by accentuating their sexuality through lingerie! Read more about them in the biography & interview below! Feel free to check out our link on their website as well:


B.A.B.E. MAGAZINE Stands for Beautiful And Bodacious Entertainment. I decided to start B.A.B.E. MAGAZINE back in 2010. I felt like there was no magazine putting Plus Size Models on covers or promoting them the way they should be, so I took a big step and put in a lot of cash to fund what you see now. I love that we have come so far from 1 model too 100s that support B.A.B.E. MAGAZINE. We are the first Plus Size Magazine that promotes Plus Size Models in sexy clothes and intimate wear. Any Plus Size Magazine you see out now are just replicas of what I been doing, just being honest. A lot of people will make a Plus Size Magazine for money. I do it because I live it everyday and I love what I do. I’M A WALKING BILLBOARD FOR MY MAGAZINE. Even though the magazine is 95% PLUS SIZE we do accept men and Slim-Thickies! 🙂 We will have a new look and a new models and new things popping for 2015. Don’t forget to add us on all networks search @babemagazine

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Q: What advice do you have for plus size women who want to be models but terrified of the industry?

My advice is if you can’t take criticism don’t bother being a model. You will constantly evolve in this industry. There will always be someone who doesn’t like something about you. Take it and move on.

Q: Was it hard for you to get noticed as a plus size women in the industry? Did you have to work harder?

Yes it was that’s why I started @babemagazine I just felt like these magazines only used a particular type of model. I just think plus size models are sexy and need to be seen!

Q: What is your ideal pair of heels? What would be the best outfit to go along with those heels?

I love stilettos. They make your legs look sexy. I love black clingy dresses, makes you feel sexier!

Q: Why do you love heels? What was the size of the highest heel you have worn?

HEELS make any woman sexy. If you have a sexy walk you can get any mans attention! 🙂 I wear up to 6 inches…no more lol!

Q: Where do you see Babe Magazine in 5 years?

I would like to be mainstream, another form of eye candy magazine but just for plus size models.

Q: Have you always wanted to be a model yourself?
Back in 2000 sure, now I’m behind the camera! 🙂

Q: Do you take the photos for your models as well? What do you love about photography?

I sure do! I love what I do! I get to control what I take and its about copyrights. I want people to know I support my brand 100%!

Q: How much are your issues? How often are they released?

The issues are $10.00. A new issue will be released soon. They are released every month.

Q: How can models contact you to be published in your magazine?

My business email is

Q: What is the most important piece of advice for women of all sizes trying to make it in while modeling lingerie in this industry?

Make sure you have people around you that truly support what you do because after a while support turns into jealousy because you are doing what others fear. BE CONFIDENT. KNOW YOU’RE THE SH! T WHEN YOU WALK IN THE ROOM!!! OWN IT!!!!!

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