Fashion and accessories are nothing new to Ayo Mary Laurent. Born in Nigeria, Mary Laurent was raised in a family with ties to the clothing industry. But she did not start out as a fashion designer. Mary Laurent studied Business and Information Technology at the University of Greenwich. After graduation in 2012, she continued her education by studying at the London School of Journalism.

After Mary was finished with school, her career in television began. As a TV Journalist/Reporter, she has conducted interviews with various people such as Kenneth Omeruo and Toronto FC player Bright Dike.

Not only is Mary Laurent a journalist, she is also an actress, blogger, television personality and fashion designer. In 2013, she started her own line of fashion accessories, clothes and shoes called ‘MLR’. Her line caters to the styles of both men and women. From women’s handbags to men’s briefcases, Mary Laurent does it all!

So if you are looking for trendy and fashion forward pieces, Ayo Mary Laurent’s ‘MLR’ line is the perfect fit for you!




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