With all the negative images that we all are subjected to on a daily basis, it’s always wonderful to see something positive take shape. A perfect example of this positivity lies with the beautiful ladies of ATL Pink City. Atlanta Pink City is a non-Greek sorority that focuses on the empowerment of all women. The ladies that make up the Atlanta chapter of the PCC (Pink City Chicks) are known as the Fab 6. LaQuita B. (Pink Lioness), Jasmine C. (Pink Tzyion), LaTrelya B. (Pink Vixxyn), Nicole W. (Pink Divine Nala), Broolyn C. (Pink Goddess) and Takeshia T. (Pink Loccs) along with their founder Beviyan W. (Pink Butterfly) all share the same vision and desire to make the world a better place. Through community service efforts, volunteering and everyday acts of kindness, these ladies are beacons of positive influence for both young girls and grown women. Instilling the idea of sisterhood is also an important factor to the ladies of the Atlanta PCCs. By bringing women together through empowerment and servicing our communities, the Atlanta PCCs are dedicated to uplifting the lives and spirits of every woman. The Atlanta PCCs are now looking to recruit women who have the heart, dedication and desire to serve and to be positive influences on other people’s lives. If you or someone you know are interested in being a part of this chapter (or other chapters) of these extraordinary women, then please visit to find out more. Also remember to be on the lookout for the Atlanta Pink City Chicks official website launching in January 2016.

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