We had a chance to sit down with Actor Sean Ingram and discuss his upcoming projects and talk about what it means to be from poverty to prison to prestige! If you are looking for inspiration to do what you love no matter what your circumstance then you need to read this article!

Can you tell our readers a little about yourself?

I am Sean Ingram. I am an author, educator, actor, spoken word artist, motivational speaker and founder of The Sean Ingram Creative Arts Academy. I was born and raised in a little country town called Stantonsburg, NC just outside of Wilson, NC where being poor was the norm and having big dreams was working at Firestone Tire Plant. Thankfully, my faith and passion outweighed my content and rationale, allowing me the courage to pursue the path that I believed was destined for me. My journey has taken me from Poverty to Prison to Prestige.

When did you know that you wanted to be an author, poet and motivational speaker?

High School is where two very special teachers who recognized and help me understand the potential of my talent introduced me to my gift of creative writing. Being the big dreamer that I was, I wanted to write books that would be taught in schools that young blacks such as myself could relate to. Books that spoke our language and encompassed our experiences and situations. Poems that could be taught, written by an author who looked liked me. Although we had many African-American Poets who we could learn from, we only had the opportunity to experience their works during Black History Month. My teacher, Mrs. Sutton entered one of my poems into a international contest my senior year, and I won myself into the publication of “Poetic Voices of America” on page 61 out of a 300-page anthology book of poets from all across the country. It was then that I began to believe that I may have actually had a chance of making my dreams become reality.

What are you currently working on?

2015 has definitely started off as a very busy year for me. Currently I am in the process of releasing my fourth book, first novel, “The Soul of Saratoga Slim, The Diary of a Revolutionary Gangsta”. Immediately following this release, I will be following up my novel with my autobiography, “Sean Ingram – His Journey from Poverty to Prison to Prestige”. While kicking off our “Sean Ingram Speaks” motivational speaking tour, I will also be releasing a number of Workshop Chap Books and Audio Books. To finish off the year, I plan to release an Official Spoken Word CD titled “Sean Ingram – The Revolution of a Renaissance”.

What motivates you to help others?

Because I know first hand from personal experience to feel depressed, discouraged, despondent, unwanted and unloved. Just as somebody inspired and motivated me to change my life for the better, it is my mission to help others the same way others has helped me. My desire is not to save the world, but if I can save the few that God will place in my path for me to help, then my job will be done.

How did you get started with The Sean Ingram Creative Arts Academy?

The Academy is my Ideology of Arts Integration within education and mentoring. Many kids have the potential of learning, but not the motivation. It’s my belief that it is nearly impossible to Teach a child, if you can’t Reach that child. Meaning, relate to, or understand the child for who they are, while building a solid foundation for a long-term educational and mentoring relationship. We use each child’s personal passion in life to serve as their motivation for learning.

What is the most important thing in your opinion actors starting out should know?

How to investigate the character and become them. Understand the transformation process. To become Sean Ingram on stage or film, you first must study Sean Ingram. Study his background to discover his emotions and reasons of his personality. Study his geographical and educational background to understand his speech, dialect and grammar. The Art of Acting is stepping outside of yourself and truly becoming someone or something else, and being able to do it consistently.

What is it like being awarded the prestigious International Poet of Merit Award by the International Society of Poets?

A very humbling experience. To think, a little poor black country boy who graduated at the bottom of his class possessed the talent to win such a prestigious award. To compete creatively on a level of many distinguished writers such as college professors from across the country who have had Ivey League Scholastic Training that I could never dream of having the opportunity to know.

How can our readers keep in contact with you?

Indeed logon to my website and join our email list and follow us on twitter for all of our event updates and newsletters. For all public relation matters, please contact my publicist Dr. Sheria Rowe at


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